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Hallo. I am working at Vaxholm Komposit as a engineer and designer of sailing multihulls and high speed powerboats. I am working in Rhino and Orca3D. I am looking for a CFD tool to investigate different hull shapes for slender multihulls and fast planing hulls for powerboats (100+knots).
Orca3d have a CFD option based on Simerics CDF tool. It is adjusted for Marin purpose and does not require advaced skills in CFD. The problem is that I dont design boats on a regular basis therfore it is quit expencive to use Orca CFD.
The benefit with Simscale is the possibility to start simulating in the public forum and the go to the proffesional version for comersial projects. My consern is that I cant find any tutorials or webinars for Marin projects in two mediums with a free surface. I am also conserned about the quality of the public prodjects, are the published simulations quality checked?
Best regards Stefan Törnblom.


Hi @torna and thanks for your introduction!

Interesting applications you are working on! Not every public project is checked from the staff but you can be sure that all projects that are documented (which is in some sense a quality proof from the staff - you also have to look who created the project) are good to use and some of them are also validated.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me via dm or email at - stay safe and happy SimScaling!



Hi Pawel,
My name is Richard and I am very new to CFD, but have been doing physical modeling using fluid dynamic modeling. I also apply my physical modeling to the steel manufacturing industry. I have an extensive background in testing, simulating actual air movement within a steel meltshop. I am looking to apply my knowledge to simple CFD simulations of conditions.

thanks for your time,


Welcome to our platform Richard!

Feel free to get in touch with the @power_users or me if you need anything specific!

Enjoy your stay and happy SimScaling!