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Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)


Welcome to SimScale Sandeep!

Having 6 years of experience in OF definitely helps - you should consider becoming a PowerUser! :wink: We are very happy to have such a guru on board and hope that you can help our users and interact with the community in general!

Really looking forward to see some great input from you!



Hi Luca and thanks for your introduction :slight_smile:

Glad you are at the right place to get your CFD journey started! :wink: As you might have already seen, I posted an answer to your question with some guides that can help you along the journey: CFD simulation for a sailboat design - happy to have you on board as well!!



Hi Mohamed!

Thanks a lot for introducing yourself :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to see what you can bring to the community but also can learn from other users but also SimScale to extend your knowledge in the field of CFD but also FEA as well as thermal analysis :slight_smile:

Happy SimScaling!



Hey @roy_g and a warm welcome from SimScale! :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think about SimScale and post your great ideas right here: SimScale’s Feedback Section.

Happy SimScaling and feel free to contact me if you need anything!



Thank you very much Jousef!!


Pablo from Argentina here,
I really new to CFD, I am a Biotechnologist, who is specializating in water and wastewater engineer, I am interested in Biological Process in this Engineer Area.
I arrived here, since I started to use Onshape for my Master in Sanitary Engineer Tasks, etc.
Actually I am working on a Full Mixed Aerated Lagoon, and triying to get a CFD model of it,
Hope I can learn how to do this correctly, and learn a lot from you, as I seen there are many specialist in the area here =).
Thanks for reading,
Good Luck with your projects,



A warm welcome to SimScale Pablo :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas! I am sure you will be very helpful to our community with your background but can learn a lot from us as well :+1:

Happy simulating & simscaling!



Hi! I’m passionate of CAD. I’m studying computer science and hope to share with you a lot of knowledge.
See you!!


Happy to have you on board @jmart_nez_garc!!

Feel free to browse our forum and reach out to the PowerUsers or me if you need any assistance.

Happy SimScaling!



Hi all. Nice to be a part of this community!


Hey @muve,

Welcome to the community!
If you run into trouble during your simulations, feel free to post your project in the support section for assistance. You can also browse through public projects for inspiration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also a warm welcome from the whole SimScale staff and myself! :slight_smile:



Hello Everyone!

I am Alberto, from Italy.
I am evaluating SIMSCALE on some technical problems in flue gas distribution, to understand if it will be our next tool to be included in the Technical Department.
I would be happy to understand the basics and be quite confident on running simulation on my own.
I am not expecting to get a top-edge result as, for the moment, we don’t have any benchmark to compare our results.


Hey @albet and a warm welcome to our community :slight_smile:

I will write you a private message to discuss this with you in a bit more detail.

All the best!



Hello everyone. My nwme is yusuf fromm Nigeria .i just concluded my bachelor’s in engineering program in mechanical engineering discipline… I’m currently on a reserch work for a project tittled pilot scale solar dryer in which i would use CFD as a major working tool. I’m looking forward to learning a bunch from you guys here. Enjoy!!


hi @yayoola
A warm welcome to our community. Feel Free to ask any doubt in the forum. :grinning:


Hey @yayoola and welcome to the SimScale community!

As Rohit mentioned, feel free to ask us if there’s anything that is not clear or if you have doubts - happy to help!



Hi Pawel.

Newbie here. In suites such as Ansys and in the online Simscale (I keep running into static and dynamic structural analysis, but) what (mutibody?) simulation could I use to help model a drivetrain (I’m looking for input/output of torque, moments of inertia, etc, the mechanical behavior of a machine or machine part, not if it’s structurally sound (we’ll assume gears are) or their thermal conductivity.



Hi Mark,

Introduce yourself as well as this is the “Introduce yourself” section :wink: Regarding the drivetrain simulation, have a look at the public project section, we have some examples there.




Hi everyone,
My name is Margaret Cruz and I’m a student. Academically, I got nothing to bring to the table right now. I hope to learn from y’all.
Newbie, -Mache