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Hello there,

We are happy that you’ve joined the SimScale Community!

It would be great to get to know each other better, so this a topic for you to share more about yourself. Some questions to get you started.

  • What brings you to SimScale?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?
  • What are your expectations from this forum? What would you like to learn?

Welcome from the SimScale team in Munich!

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Hi guys, I'm new member





My name is Pawel Sosnowski, I am the Lead Sales Engineer at SimScale.
My main field of expertise is general CFD, conjugated heat transfer problems and numerical thermal analysis.
I also work with FEM for structural analysis. Besides Computer Aided Engineering, I have experience in steel manufacturing business and cold steel processing.
In free time (besides getting some physical activity) I like to play with my RepRap 3d printer.

I am looking for some great conversations on the forum!


Hello there!

My name is Enrique Martín, I’m from Spain and I’m R&D engineer at KeelWit technology.
My main field of expertise is CFD, because I’m one of the designers and the responsible of construction of the tallest vertical wind tunnel in Europe. I have also used CFD to simulate several medical issues. I also have experience on aircraft manufacturing and engineering.
In free time, I love to play some sports, anything is good for me and I have finished some marathon.

I hope to learn a lot from all of you!


Welcome @EnriqueKeelWit !

Happy to have you here.

Working on the tallest vertical wind tunnel in Europe must be very exciting! Is it the one that will be based in the UK? What type of medical simulation projects did you work on (if I can ask)?



Hello ,

I’m Praphul and I am from India. I completed my bachelors in Mechanical engineering in the year 2014 and presently i am preparing for my higher studies. My final year project work involved the usage of CFD in the determination of Aerofoil stall. This was how i became passionate about numerical methods in solving engineering problems.

I believe that with this forum everyone can help each other to develop a greater understanding of the simulations and numerical methods.

In my free time , i am passionate about sports ,music and photography.

Glad to have you here @EnriqueKeelWit , @psosnowski and Agata.



I am Ihar Antonau, I am from Belarus. Now I have enrolled to study at Master’s Course Computational Mechanics at Munich Technical University.
I am interesting in motorsport, so I did professional Karting and I did some research work in aerodynamics of sports prototype during my work in National Academy of Science at Turbulent Laboratory.
In free time time I develop aerodynamics of my model of sports prototype and soon I will finish simulating it in SimScale platform.
I like your webinars with Perrin F1 team very much. Please, don’t stop them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Welcome @praphult and @Igarizza !

I would love to see the simulation of the model you are developing, Igarizza.


No!It is based in Spain, in Las Rozas de Madrid.

I made different medical simulation projects but the main one was the analisys and development of a mechanical thrombectomy device to extract thrombus from small arteries in the brain.



@EnriqueKeelWit that’s great! Very interesting, It could be a great story for our blog both on the thrombectomy device development and the biggest vertical wind tunnel.


Hello! My name is Akylbek Kairov. I am from Kazakhstan and now I am studying in Politecnico Di Torino in Petroleum Engineering MS. I used SimScale platform in calculation part of my thesis. I analyzed displacements and strains applying maximum and operational weight on bit to power section of Positive Displacement Motor. This motor is used to drill high depth vertical and horizontal wells.
I love SimScale because it is one of the user-friendly software, I just spent 10 days to understand how to use it. Professors accepted my thesis and now I am waiting the final exam.


@berish welcome! I love the stories everyone is sharing here on how they are using SimScale.


Hi everyone!

I’m Maciek – freelancer engineer from Poland. My main specialisation is CFD as well as the most common FE analysis. In longer term my professional goal are bidirectional FSI simulations. I also feel very strong in simulation-driven design.

My alma mater is Gdańsk University of Technology where I’ve finished MSc and PhD studies at shipbuilding faculty and post-graduated in engineering simulations at the faculty of applied physics and mathematics.

However, although I love my profession I see life beyond it and my free time is occupied by two main things: books (paper ones!) and sport.



Welcome @Maciek ! Great to have you here


Fellow SimScale users,

I’m David, engineer here at SimScale and (obviously) excited about simulation. My background is applied mathematics - I worked the most with Finite Volume based CFD applications, especially multiphase flows, but also on projects related to topology optimization, Finite Element Analysis GPU acceleration and others.

When I am not at work, I am supporting the SC Freiburg (German Football Club), doing sports (Rugby, Running, Motorbike) or “making” things. Currently I am designing (and simulating :wink: ) an MTB with some buddies. Once we are a bit further in this project, it would be great to have some SimScale users collaborating with us.

Looking forward to learning and collaborating in this forum!



Hello everyone!

My name is Roozbeh Mousavi. I work in Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany) as a research associate in the field of the CFD simulation, specifically the CFD simulation of the cavitation flows.

I accomplished my PhD research in the same university in the field of the higher-order discontinuous Galerkin method for the CFD simulation of the multiphase flows.

I achieved my Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Shiraz University (Iran). My B.Sc. thesis was on the FEM simulation of the structural vibration and my M.Sc. thesis on the CFD simulation of the cavitation flows and bubble dynamics.

I am very interested in using CFD for investigating the physics of the flow and optimizing the performance of the fluid systems.

I became familiar with Simscale in my short stay in an engineering office last year. I am working with this platform since the beginning of this year as an academic user. I used Simscale to perform some CFD simulations for the Formula student team of TU Darmstadt to determine the aerodynamic performance of their racing car.

It is great that the Simscale platform is getting more and more user-friendly and more capabilities are being included.



Good to have you here, @roozbehmousavi!


Hello everyone !
I am Kaustubh Patil and I’m currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering. My current area of interest is aerodynamic design and would want to work in the same area. I’m currently working on a prototype of Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft for my final year project.
Fun fact- I do not miss any session of Formula One :wink:
I also thank Nic Perrinn and SimScale for the valuable sessions.
Looking forward to some great discussions here.
Also, thank you @Agata for inviting me to this forum.