Community Digest June 2016

Hi SimScalers,

Welcome to our first Monthly Community Digest. So what’s been happening around this community of ours this past month?

Let’s have a look:

Some stats from the last 30 days:

New Users: 1145
Forum Posts: 654
Public Projects Created: 3188

Hot Forum Topics

Workshops, Webinars, & Tutorials

Project Spotlights

LEVEL UP :rocket:

We’ve had 3 members Level Up this month, meaning they’ve achieved all of the getting started badges. Awesome! I’d say that’s an achievement worthy of some SimScale swag.




Welcoming our newest members this month

If you’re new to the SimScale community this month, welcome! We’re so glad you’re here :slight_smile:

There’s too many of you to mention everyone by name but for those who reached Trust_Level_1, a special thanks to you for sticking around to see what our community is all about!

Please drop a comment below and tell us how things are going:

  1. What projects are you working on right now (or planning to work on)?
  2. What’s your area of expertise (CFD, FEA, new to simulation, etc.)?
  3. What’s one question you have about using SimScale?


Say hello to the group. Say hello to each other. :wave:

You can come back any time you have questions, ideas, or need help with something related to what you are working on.

Here’s to another great month of SimScale!


Greetings everyone!

Thank you @AnnaFless for the special mention.
Hearty congratulations to all the other fellow mates!

My approach towards SIMSCALE is to enhance and expertise my skills in CFD.

I am curious enough to know how the data storage of all public projects are being managed by SIMSCALE.

Thanks and regards
Pramoth Kumar Selvaraj

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Pramoth (@pkselvaraj),

Great! Glad to hear that you are using SimScale to improve your CFD skills. Seems like you know what you’re doing by the looks of your first project - great post-processing!

To answer you question: we are using a distributed storage solution to manage the large number of public projects and make them quickly accessible.

Welcome again and see you around the community!


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Hi, I saw my name on the list, thx @AnnaFless.
I like the possibility to test out features of OpenFOAM in a fast and efficient way. Only the post processor is not working for me yet. Please Support IE, since I am restricted to this browser.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Martin (@matupy) !

Glad to hear from you - let’s have a look into this post-processing issue. Could you tell me which version on IE you are using? IE10+ should be working, older versions don’t support websockets so unfortunately these cannot be supported.


I have IE 11. The Mesh Creator and the Simulation Designer work perfectly.

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@bdaqui, any thoughts on this?

Hi @matupy,

As @AnnaFless said, the first candidate for this sort of problems is websockets, which do work with IE11.

I have looked deeper into the issue and I can confirm that IE11 has been experiencing some problems with our online post-processing solution.

While Internet Explorer is not officially supported by our platform, we always try to ensure compatibility with a broad selection of browsers, but some issues like this might arise from time to time.

We are investigating the cause and will address this problem so that IE11 works again for the post-processor.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Hi @AnnaFless,

Thank you for this community digest and congratulation to SimScale for the growing user.

I am now going to work on powerboat trim angle study - one of the hottest topics
as well as developing new skills in CFD and FEA. :smiley:



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Great @radenpm9 - looking forward to seeing the work on the powerboat trim angle study :smile:


great that you’ll pick up the powerboat trim angle study! I’ll try to join asap - super interested in it!



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Hi @matupy

The issue with Internet explorer 11 and the post-processor has been addressed. Could you please clean your cache and try again.

Let us know if it works for you now.

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Hi @bdaqui
I tried the post processor and it works as it should. Thank you for following up on this issue. :+1:


Hi @matupy,
Glad to help :slight_smile:

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