Wind analysis over topography/terrain

Hi there,

was wondering if anyone knows how to do a wind analysis over a terrain only (desert dunes) - I have tried modelling a contour however the simulation cannot acknowledge the dunes as objects, only a singular surface.

Hello @mimi8899andrew , and thanks for posting your question in the Forum. This is indeed an interesting application.

As far as I could see from your projects, an external flow region is required so that the fluid interaction with the outer surface of your terrain is required. Please note that, in order to create a successful external flow region your imported model should be in a solid form, not a sheet body as it is right now. Make sure that your model contains only solids first, then you can proceed to generate an external flow region in the CAD mode. One of the tutorials focusing on external aerodynamic simulations by using Incompressible solver may be a good reference for you.

In case you have missed, we do also have LBM and Pedestrian Wind Comfort simulations type in SimScale platform which are perfect solutions for terrain simulations. By using these simulation types, sheet bodies are usually a good start (opposite to Incompressible type), and multiple simulations can be performed by choosing one of the terrain categories and multiple wind conditions. Please note that these simulation types are only available to SimScale users with a professional subscription, and our team would be happy to reach out if you’re interested.

I hope these information are helpful, and we wish you all the best in the platform!