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Hi everybody. My name is Jim, and I’m a retired chemical engineer from California. I just turned 72, and I’m excited about trying to use the free version of Simscale for a simple air flow problem. If any of you have done a problem like mine, please let me know so that I can minimize my mistakes and time.

My problem is not time dependent, it’s incompressible air flow, and there’s no heat transfer. I have a small sensor which is shown in the attachment. A fan draws air at 100 cc/minute through three 3-mm holes which make a 90 degree turn and flows through a small nonuniform path, makes a turn, and flows out past the fan.

The flow has a low Reynolds number, so that it would be laminar if it weren’t for all those twists and turns. I’d like to see if any eddies form.

Happy to join,
Old Jim

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Hi Jim, and welcome to the Forum!

I think that your simulation is perfectly possible to be performed in SimScale, using an Incompressible analysis.

Do you have a 3D CAD model of the flow cavity? If so, have you already uploaded it to the workbench? It would be great if you would share the project URL with us so we can have a look and make suggestions.

Here I will link some tutorials that should show the recommended workflow:

Please try to extrapolate the geometry concept and the setup to your case, and ask more questions here if you need so.

Happy simulation!