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Hello Anna,

I am a structural engineer in Southern Indiana. I work from home, on my own. Local construction companies call me when they want a state certified stamp on a structural report that’s safety related or for the public.

I love FEA but it took a year to get decent on ANSYS. I asked if they would even have online resources where
I could simply use it as I needed it. They said there was no demand for that–ha! Now here you are. So the weak link to FEA is learning the commands.

I want to come to an office and take training. Where is the nearest one ? I would do the online thing but I am concerned that your commands are a mess, like most FEA companies. Is there any way I can try to build something in CAD and run it, before I buy your online training ? By the way do you offer CAD as part of your FEA ?

Bob Malcomb, PE


Hello Bob and welcome to the world of SimScale! Thrilled to have you on board :slight_smile:

Let’s try to answer your points step-by-step.

We only have one office (our headquarter) which is located in Munich. We have actually something in planning that would allow users to come to our lovely office in a small group and get some hands-on simulation experience.

What commands are you talking about? I guess you mean the general understanding of the GUI in our case. That is absolutely no problem at all as we are offering tons of learning material for our users and you should get used to our platform pretty fast :slight_smile:

That is of course possible. We have a collaboration with OnShape where you can create your CAD models directly inside the browser without the tedious task of installing software wasting space on your machine. Fortunately we have a plugin with which you can directly upload your created geometry into your workspace and create your mesh, the simulation as well as neat post-processing pictures.

Hope that I could clear things up a bit. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me. You can also contact me privately here inside the forum via private message if you like.

Thanks for your interest in SimScale and enjoy your weekend!



Hello, My name is Hisam Abou Faker, i’m from Venezuela and i recently got my bacherlor’s degree in Mechanical engineering, Even though i’m currently unemployed i want to learn CAE, while looking for some CAE software i found out about Simscale, for what i’ve read it seems like an excelent simulation software for a beginner like me.


Hi Hisam and welcome to SimScale!

If you want to get started, please have a look at our resources that we have gathered: A Collection of SimScale Resources. Please let me know if I can help you with anything! If you have problems/wishes or requests, feel free to contact me anytime (that includes contacting me privately ;)).

Hope you enjoy your stay here and have a lot of fun with other users who are on the same path!

All the best and happy SimScaling!



I am Muhammad, I am from Pakistan. Now I have enrolled to study at PhD Computational fluid dynamics
Institute of Applied Mathematics Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
My research focuses on Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
I like your webinars with Perrin F1 team very much. Please, don’t stop them


Hello Muhammad (@rahimmaths33) and welcome to our forum!

Sounds like a very interesting field of research :slight_smile: We hope that you can learn a lot from the discussions here as well as other resources focusing a bit more on the theoretical part of simulations like the SimWiki. Thank you very much for your feedback and enjoy your stay here!
Feel free to contact me whenever you like or have questions,critique or some feedback that we can use to give our community the best simulation experience possible.

Happy SimScaling!



Hello.I am David,I am a newbie in here.


Hi David and welcome to SimScale!

You can visit this page to get started: SimScale Resources




Hello, Anna.
My name is Marcelo. I’m brasilian. I graduated in Mechanical Engineer.
I’d like know how to work whit SimScale. I performed work on air conditioning, exhaust systems and worked with lifting and transporting machines - elevators, among others. I have a lot of expectations in developing work with SimScales.
But, first, I think that I’ve to learn work SimScale.


Hi Marcelo (@marvasconcelos1) and welcome to SimScale!

We have plenty of resources you can use to get familiar with SimScale. Some of them are:

Or you can simply have a look at the Public Projects to see how others have set up their simulations and learn from them!

Let me know if you like the resources and feel free to give some feedback. Looking forward to see you create the first project with SimScale!! :wink:

Cheers and happy SimScaling!




This software package look brilliant.
I am from Ireland and studying mechanical engineering. I am in my forth and finial year of my degree. I have decided to base my project on FEA, however, I have a question;
Is it possible to use CREO parametric as my design software or will i have to learn a new program? If so what are the advantages/disadvantages to ether. I am quite competent in CREO and would prefer to use it if possible.



Hi Alan (@acrow) and welcome to SimScale!

There is absolutely no problem with using CREO. As long as you are able to export your models as STEP, IGES or STL everything should be fine! What you can also use is OnShape, a cloud-based CAD platform where you can create, modify as well as export your models. Give it a try!

Cheers and all the best!



Hello everyone my name is Sandra Basiima from Uganda. Am working on my project for drone aerodynamics, its new and interesting, please help in any way. Am glad to work with such great people like you. Am now unto simulation designing and i have finished e and now i want to run simulation. Am stranded now because i got this warning that some faces are missing a boundary condition assignment and if I choose to proceed, a no-slip boundary will be assumed for those faces. should just igonore it and go ahead or go and clarify. Everything seems ok because under boundary conditions, i created slip walls with a slip velocity.


Hi @sbasiima and welcome to SimScale! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

We have some tutorials available in the Workshop section in our forum. For the problems you are facing at the moment, please use the Project Support category. I will then have a look at your project :wink:

Cheers and all the best!



Hi there! I’m Antonio and I’m currently studying mechanical engineering in London. Originally, I’m from Spain. I’m using SimScale plattform to gain better understanding of CFD simulation and thermal analysis. Nice to meet everyone!


Nice to meet you @acalavare! Happy to have you on board! :wink:

Anything we can help you with at the moment? A good point for you to start would be this page: A Collection of SimScale Resources

Let me know what you think!

Cheers and happy SimScaling!



Hello, my name is Attila. I am a CFD Engineer since 2009, graduated as Aerospace Engineer and later I made a Postgrad degree at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. I spent 4 years at EXA Corp doing acoustics simulations with Lattice-Boltzmann codes. Currently I am running my own CFD consulting company in Munich, Germany.


Hi Attila (@afelfoldi) and welcome to SimScale! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

We are happy to have such an experienced new SimScaler with you on board! Looking forward to interesting discussions as well as amazing projects from you! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay here and all the best for your business!



A warm hello from Singapore to all the members :star_struck:

I just completed my Masters degree in Computation and Modelling from National University of Singapore. I am a CAE fanatic and am eager to learn the capabilities of SimScale. I have a diverse range of experience across R&D, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Additive Manufacturing, Lean & Supply Chain Management. Formula 1, Air Crash investigations, Cricket, football are few things that I keenly follow . I am just happy with the warmth from the SimScale forum members during my initial conversations earlier.



Hey @aravindbaskar! Thanks for the nice introduction and (again :wink: ) a warm welcome from our side. Glade to have you as a member now!

Really looking forward to see some nice projects from you and being involved in discussions inside the forum.

If you need anything, have some feedback or just want to talk feel free to drop me a message.

Cheers and happy SimScaling!