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Hi All
My name is Michael Im an aero engineer in Australia who is currently working on some light aircraft design projects. Im particularly interested in FEA and CFD applications to aircraft design. I have had previous experience doing stress analysis and design using catia and nastran. So far im finding Simscale and onshape much more user friendly!!!. keen to meet anyone else who is interested or working on aircraft projects too


Hi Michael (@MHHS) and a warm welcome from our side! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

Solid foundation to get started with SimScale! We have good resources for CFD, FEA as well as other topics you might be interested in: A Collection of SimScale Resources.

Let me know if I can do anything for you and feel free to pm me whenever you need help!

All the best and enjoy your stay here!



Hello SimScalers,

I’m ( 30yo ) Eduard from The Netherlands.
Hobby inventor. kind of…

What brought me to Simscale? Well I allways wanted to play witf tis kind of software.
And now I have some projects to try the software on.

Problem is, i can not get the software to do what I want it to do.
Are ther people here from The Netherlands who can give me a hand.

Love to get to know some people and the software.


Eduard van Velde.


Hey Eduard (@evan_velde)!

Glad you found your way to us! I would say just tell the community what you got and I am sure you get a response :wink: Simply post your issue into the Project Support Section of our forum.

If you need help or have any wishes, feedback or just want to get some advice feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

All the best and have a good night!



Hi guys,
I am Trang Nguyen from Vietnam, a former simulation engineer at Bosch Automotive sector. I have used Ansys for several years.
Now I work as a freelancer focus on renewable energy and engineering consulting. It would be nice to get in touch with all of you via SimScale platform. If you have any project that needs support, please feel free to text me.
Thanks and happy simulating.



Hey there @nvtrang!

Would love to see you getting involved in discussions here in the forum. I am sure that a lot of users will profit from your knowledge! Who knows maybe you can become one of our PowerUsers in the future :wink:

Cheers and enjoy your stay here!



Hi there,

My name is MJ. I’m an ex-CFD Engineer just here to geek out. I worked for at a well-known road car brand for a year using PowerFlow to model wind-noise and at an F1 team for a good few years before moving to China to become an entrepreneur. I have a lot of experience in CFD CAD, meshing, solvers and postprocessing tools and automating these processes. Really, I’m just here to keep working on one of my passions alive - CFD!

Happy to chat about stuff



Hey MJ and welcome on board :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have quite much experience in the field of CFD. We would love to see you involved in some discussions around here and - if you like and have the ambition - become one of our PowerUsers! Please inbox me if you want to have more information about that.

Cheers and enjoy your stay at SimScale! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ



Hi! My name is Felix and I’m a recently graduated MSc in Engineering physics and electrical engineering from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

During my last years at university, I found out that I really enjoyed fluid mechanics/dynamics, but I am unfortunately not currently employed to do all the cool CFD stuff that I love.

In order to remember everything I learned about CFD, I’ve decided to do a bunch of projects on my free time, hoping to one day get back to the field that I want to be in. SimScale looks excellent for my purposes! See you all in the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi Felix and welcome on board! :slight_smile:

Happy you found your playground where you can exchange information with the SimScale users as well as the staff. If you need anything please let us know and we hope to see you in some interesting discussions :wink:

Enjoy your stay here and happy SimScaling!



Hi everyone, my name is Ethresia!

It took me 8 years to get my BEng Mechanical degree but I eventually graduated in 2015. Now, I am an au-pair doing little house projects and I intend (in the next year or two) to start my own kindergarten in sunny South Africa. Making money is not important to me - making a difference is!

My husband just got an Antminer and the noise is driving me up the walls so I am designing and then plan on building a silencer box for it. While studying I used Solidworks, but it’s super expensive, so not really an option for my “non-commercial” project. Luckily I found Onshape and Simscale which made it possible for me to model my project before I build it.

I was so surprised when I got a phone call from you the day I created my, wait for it, FREE account. The world is a better place because of companies like you who make a difference in peoples lives without expecting to make money off of them. Thank you for being great.

I salute you guys at Simscale!
Keep up the good work :smiley:


Hey @Patrysie and welcome on board! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

First of all a big thank you for your kind words! We really do appreciate it and hope that you will profit from our platform. Feel free to contact me whenever you need something, absolutely no problem! :slight_smile: Already had a look at your project and all I can say is that I really like how ambitious you are. A real SimScaler :wink:

Looking forward to see a lot more coming from you and share the love for SimScale with the world!

Happy SimScaling!



Hi MJ,

welcome abroad! It was good to read about how passionate you are about CFD.

Are you interested in helping me with my project?

The case is, the original file was .obj which I converted to .stl. When I meshed, I got the strange gaps and surfaces at the trailing edge. Any idea how it could be solved?

Thank you, and enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:


Hi Janos,

No worries, nice project, I just checked your mesh. I have plenty of suggestions that will help you achieve a cleaner mesh and results. I’ll add a comment to your project so as not to clutter up this topic on the forum :slight_smile:




Funny, after like being a year in here, I just saw this now. Hehe.

I’m Dhaval Shukla.

I was always on the lookout for a simulation software that can help me with the design projects that I would likely undertake. I had the requirement for them to be free and needed vast resources to learn them. SimScale brought me here for that opportunity and is helping me since. I originally attended a course run by @AnnaFless on drone aerodynamics on Udemy. I thought it best to hang around here, I never knew I’d meet more engineers like me.

I’m currently working on a project of constructing a Windmill Pumping which uses multi pump rotation and needs to rotate freely with respect to its axis. It is a bit of a work and I know that in future I will need the help of a simulation software to decide the characteristics of air on the wind blades and the dynamic behavior of the structure. I am on the verge of starting the construction and have to be constantly updated with the engineering knowledge so that my mechanism works better.

I would like to learn the most specific of all the details there is to be shared on the forum. I’ve recently discovered this forum so I’m gonna have a wide look at the posts and ideas or topics people share, who knows someone might have any inspiration for me. If you see me fit maybe I’ll send you my CV. :slight_smile:

It is good to be here guys, thanks for providing a free cloud based simulation on our browser for free!


Hi @Dhaval and a belated warm welcome from SimScale :wink:

The project you are working on sounds like an interesting application the SimScale staff as well as the @PowerUsers_CFD can help you with. Have you already uploaded your CAD file? If so please make sure to post a detailed description of your problem in the Project Support category.

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback and hopefully we will see some nice contributions from you in the near future! :slight_smile:

Cheers and happy Simscaling!



Hey @jousefm. It is nice to be here. It so happens that I’m yet to model the project. It is still underway and once it is done and I create the structure I will definitely upload it to the simscale platform if eventually my core hours in community plan don’t run out. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for letting me know about the PowerUsers_CFD and Project Support links. I do believe these are gonna be a great help to me. I cannot wait to join you guys. Have a Happy New 2018!


Hello there
My name is Tarek Sadate, i’m a mechanical student, what bring at first to SimScale is that i’ve wanted to learn numerical simulations specially the CFD, i’m supprised about the great projects and tutorials that are published in the forum, also the simplicity of the workbench.
In the actual time i don’t have a project or an idea, but soon it will be


Hello and a warm welcome from the SimScale community @tsadate!

We are very happy that you like SimScale and the content! I am sure that you will find a nice project you want to work on in the near future. As a small inspiration, please have a look at the following pages:

  • Public Projects - You can use the projects as a template to create similar projects or have a look at them to understand how different types of simulation work.

  • Project Spotlight - A nice section to see how projects were set up and what the post-processing can be interpreted.

  • SimScale Blog - Read news about customers, partners and SimScale users, the democratization of simulation and other interesting issues.

Feel free to contact me whenever you want. Either open a new section here in the forum or message me privately.

Cheers and happy SimScaling!



Hello there.

My name is Banu. I am interested in cardiovascular engineering, biofluid dynamics and surgical planning.

Cheers from Istanbul.