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Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)


Also a warm welcome from my side @DeckerDe.

Would love to see some nice simulations from you. I am sure a lot of people will profit from your expertise :slight_smile:

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Hi SimScale,

I am a recent laid-off/retired Electrical Engineer who has previously done some minor things in SolidWorks in the course of a career in automated machine controls design for manufacturing. Although I do have a side business, it is probably more likely that I will be using this tools for hobby use and Makerspace use rather than professional use. A couple of designs that have prompted me to look at simulation are for an interest in both kinetic art and clock making.
One particular clock that I would like to try is a ‘Marble Clock’. This uses on the order of 30 marbles that roll around the structure to indicate the time and chime the hours. Due to the complexity of the design, I thought it might be well worth my time to try to simulate the operation rather than use trial and error in a build process. However not being very familiar with what this simulation might be capable of, I think I am now learning that this tool is not really for an application of multiple objects interacting with an assembly due to an applied motor/spring force while they experience the effect of gravity. SimScale looks like it could do this some day since it seem like it handles ‘particles’ of air or a fluid moving around structures with ease. Would this be something for the future?
The kinetic art structures I am interested in have several forces that they experience. Magnets are used to attract pieces together if the force is present long enough, springs are used to provide a driving force on gears, and centrifugal force and gravity are all key players in creating motion. Like what I described on the marble clock, I am not thinking that I am seeing how this can be simulated with SimScale at this time. Please correct me if I am wrong on this point and if there is an example of how this can be done, that would be fantastic.
Congrats to the designers of this tool, it does look like an amazing engineered interface for all the capability that it does have.
Hello, by the way, from western New York State along Lake Ontario which happens to be spilling over its banks both in the United States and Canada.

Regards, Scott


Dear Scott,

welcome aboard, nice to see you here! And thanks for the great introduction.

I’ve just checked ‘Marble Clock’ and it is a beautiful and very interesting machinery indeed! :slight_smile:

If I get you right you would like to simulate the mechanism altogether. Even if it would be possible it would require a lot of time to correctly define such a complex system than a lot of computaional effort to run the simulation. (I’m not sure that magnets are supported in SimScale.)

CAE - Computer Aided Engineering - is primarily on quantitive results of simplified models (stresses, deflections, temperature, pressure distribution etc.) rather than visualization of sophisticated complex systems.

If you are to design such a clock I’m sure that you will find SimScale a handy tool to check and optimize components by the way!

I suggest to check the Public Projects page first to have a feeling what is possible plus there are a lot of other resources on this site too. Of course feel free to ask any questions you have on the forum.

Best regards,


Hi Janos,

Thanks very much for taking the time to check out what I am interested in doing. You got it exactly correct!
The mechanism is both simple and complex at the same time. The simple part is it can be built, in general, without worrying a lot on the stress and deflection of parts, although friction can be an issue. Gravity is the main driving force, which seems simple, but as you say there are then a lot of relationships to define after that to get computed as to what would happen in a simulation.

I did look through quite a good number of pages of the public projects and did not see anything quite like this that I might use a guide, but I did not want to give up so I shared the goals above. I will look around some more. I appreciate your time and response.



Hi Scott,

You are welcome!

If I were you, I’d start with some subassembly of my iterest (after checking the tutorials of this kind of simulation). For example let’s take the green marked sketch:

The ball on the slope is accelerated by the gravity which then falls on the lever which then hits the bell.

If it is succesfully ran then you will have a massive understanding about the possibilities, the platform and the computational effort it takes.

Please have a look on this one since you’ll also need to use Dynamic analysis - advanced.

To be honest I’ve never run such complex simulation before. I recommend to build from small to big and have fun through the journey of learning something new! :slight_smile:

Have fun,


Hii every one,
I am sheethal from India.I am an undergraduate student of final year mechanical engineering.I look forward to complete my final year project regarding simulation of wings for Formula one SAE CAR.I hope this platform helps me in the analysis of my car wings.


Hi @Sheethal,

Thanks for the nice introduction and welcome to SimScale :slight_smile:

Did you participate in the SimScale Formula Student Workshop? I’m sure you’ll find the tutorials helpful for your project.



Hi Everyone and @AnnaFless

My name is Timothy Luke and it looks like I might be the first member from Australia. I work in Defence but looking to move to Munich and who knows maybe join SimScale.

The product looks exciting and I always enjoyed finite element analysis at university. I am also looking to build up my skills in CFD. I am a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) graduate and also like the fact that FEA and CFD are almost like art in the way you can use those tools creatively to analyse a structure or object.

Best regards


Happy to have you on board @tluke!

We would be very happy to welcome you in our office in Munich :slight_smile:

I am very excited about the projects you are going to investigate with SimScale! Enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact @AnnaFless or me in case you have any problems.

Have a nice weekend!



Dear all, i am Busari Ridwan Ayodeji. I am a final year mechanical engineering student from University of Ilorin,Nigeria. I have an intermediate level expertise in 3D modelling using Autodesk Inventor, I love designing models and look forward to building my personal 3D printer someday. I am currently working on building a poratble CNC waterjet cutting machine as my final year project. I am new to simulation and enthusiastic to learn from here especially on my project involving flow of high pressure water and abrasive through a tiny exit . I am happy i found Simscale,i think i am going to need you for a long time. cheers


Hey Busari (@RBUSARI) and welcome on board! :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anything you want in case you need help. If you think there is something we should add to our platform add a vote in the Vote For Features section.

I would be very happy to help you with your projects in the future.





I am Darren Ingram from Omaha, NE. I obtained my Mechanical Engineer B.S. degree in 2012. I have experience in CFD and FEA alike. I work as a Product Development Engineer for a steel support structure firm. However, I spend some of my free time working on my home engineering projects.

I was brought to SimScale because I was looking for a CFD that could analyze a manifold idea that was floating in my head. I wish to run a few analysis to determine the short comings of my logic, so I can ponder alternatives.

In the past I have worked a lot with steady states. However in the dynamic world, especially in a manifold of either an intake or exhaust. There are pressure waves created by the transient nature of an 2/4 stroke engine which can either harm or benefit you. It would be nice to model this kind of behavior to better learn to how to tune the pressure waves, additionally would like to learn how to restrict an output such that a turbo charger is acting like a restrictor in the flow.

I am liking the software so far, however I am finding it difficult to load in a csv file.




Hello and welcome to our forum @Darren! Very happy to have you on board :slight_smile:

Looks like you got some solid experience in both CFD as well as FEA.

Really looking forward to see how you can benefit from our platform with nice and interesting idea(s) you come up with!

Regarding the csv issue , I would like to give you some good resources from @ahmedhussain18:

Just get through them and let me know if the posts helped you.

Wish you all the best and enjoy your stay here!




My name is Eric Weber. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota in the United States.

I have been working with SimScale for about a month now and like what I see. I have about 10 years experience using CFD and FEA tools. I currently teach do tech support and training for Solidworks Simulation and Solidworks Flow Simulation. These are nice tools for designers and engineers but don’t have the power that we can get using SimScale.

I am excited to get to know SimScale in a lot more detail so I am able to do some more complex problems than what I can currently do. I think the public projects are a very nice learning tool that we all can have access to for free while we get to know SimScale.


Hi Eric (@eweber) . We are very happy to have such an expert like on board :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me whenever you need help or you want to give some feedback on the platform (or any other reason ;)). Looking forward to see some nice projects of you!

Happy SimScaling!



Hello everyone,

I’m Swapna, Mechanical student, trying to understand the world of fluid simulations.
I have some experience with general simulation flow and would like to understand the black box better to solve real flow problems.
I want to work on the simulation of mist carried by air (I didn’t think this would be difficult) , but when I started on it I was drowned on the topics of multiphase heat, mass & momemtum transfer. I learned that I should take baby steps. So here I’m, starting at basics on a new platform.
Hopefully, with the help of members on this forum, I might get some where with this project. After I get some handle on simscale, I would start a thread on the project I want to complete so badly, please feel to post your ideas and any information you think that might be helpful

Let’s share & learn together.

Swapna Kondaveeti


Hello Everyone,

I just graduated with my masters in mechanical engineering (thermofluids specialization), and my ultimate goal is to get a job in formula 1 as an aerodynamicist.

My goals with joining the simscale forums are to get tips, advice, and inspiration to help me develop my skills further, and to help others do the same with their goals.

I recently started a project group called “F1 Aero Academy” through which I plan on creating a series of reports on a variety of aerodynamic related topics to help get noticed by future employers. My reports will consist of a theory section to explain the topic/aerodynamic principle in detail and then will be followed by a case study to illustrate the principle, for example how DRS works. Project Banner

Anyway, I look forward to collaborating with and sharing my ideas and projects with the other simscale members. I am also thankful that such a wonderful resource such as simscale exists


Welcome @skondaveeti and @Vyzer,

Welcome! We’re very glad to have you in the SimScale community :slight_smile:

@skondaveeti - I think you have the right approach; starting with baby step and building up from the basics. Here are some resources that I think will help:

@Vyzer - First of all, congrats in graduating with your Master’s in ME! That’s great that you are working towards a job in F1. We look forward to collaborating and being a part of your F1 Aero Academy project in any way we can.

All the best,


hi,my name is binod chettri. I completed BE in mechanical engineering in the year 2016 and my fianl year project was on CFD analysis of concentrictype heat exchanger using AL2o3 nanofluid as working fluid. I am working as a junior engineer in u3nepal in R & D department.


Hi @binodc,

nice to see you here! Feel free to discover the possibilities of the platform and let us know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: