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Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)


Thanks for the nice introductions @abigoni and @dwb3298, we’re glad to have you in the SimScale community!


Im David, currently during my PhD study, focus on UAVs. So I hope I manage to use SIMSCALE to simulate problematical parts from all fields mechanical, aerodynamic and if all goes well some of thermo.
Nice to be there


Hi David (@krausd) and welcome! Looking forward to seeing your progress with the project :slight_smile:



My name is Daniel Ament. I’m an spatial designer with a background in architecture and engineering, but mainly work in the cultural/art field. On the side I’m playing around with renewable energy concepts trying to come up with ideas that are as passive as possible. For example, I want to test and dimension a solar glass wall in which the air gets heated by the sun. I want to explore the thermodynamics, or stack-effect in the wall of the hot air going up on the sunny side and the cold air going down at the back and for that I’m wondering if that would be possible to simulate and test with SimScale.
Can anyone tell me if this should be possible at all in SimScale?

Best regards,
Daniel Ament



My name is Zenzo Sibanda, I am a Master of science student in Water Engineering, at the PAU in Algeria.
My bachelors degree was civil engineering, completed in 2014. I joined the FEA Master class solely on the passion I have for design and simulations. I enjoyed the first seminar, and look forward eagerly to the next one.

Kind regards!



I am Auday, a technology enthusiast, Mechanical Engineer, and coach for new engineers; I love everything i am doing, i love my work and helping and guiding newcomers, teach and learn, and taking daily challenge.
I am working now in oil and gas in maintenance, and out of the work I used AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Ansys/Fluent, Fusion 360, and now learning SimScale.

I am happy to meet you all



Welcome @zsibanda , @dament & @Auday !

Happy to have you on SimScale! Enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

If you need help with anything​, feel free to post in the forum or contact me privately.




Hello there,

My name is Dr. Lim Chin Haw, Senior Research Fellow from Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), National University of Malaysia. My research area is in Passive and Low Energy Architecture with emphasis in Natural Ventilation. My current research is on Wind induced Ventilation Tower to improve indoor air quality of building.


Hello there, xD
I am Febriyan from Indonesia. currently I am Aerospace Engineering student in Konkuk Univ. Seoul.
nice to meet you all :slight_smile:
I want to explore many CFD simulation here and id like to share question, ideas and knowledge each other within this forum.
my specific interest is on Lagrangian fluid and composites :slight_smile:


Hi @chinhaw & @fprayoga,

thrilled to have you on board! Looking forward to see some awesome projects from you guys.

Enjoy your stay and happy SimScaling! :slight_smile:





I am Nikhil from India and currently pursuing my masters in Germany. I am doing my masters at RWTH Aachen University in computer aided production in mechanical engineering.

I am very much interested in working in field of Simulations of efficient manufacturing processes and effects of different process variants on Machine Tool elements.


Hey @nikhil_kale,

a warm welcome from my side! Enjoy your stay here on SimScale! :slight_smile:

If you need anything, feel free to contact me anytime.




I’m John, a mechanical engineer from Canada. I’ve worked in paper-mills, consulting engineers, manufacturers and optical equipment design companies. I am now teaching building topics at a community college. I may include some SimScale topics next year in HVAC and strength of materials.

I am fascinated by the simulation process. It allows me to answer my biggest physical question “Why?”.

I am also very interested in the business model. It seems SimScale is using free training to expand the market for simulation.

In my leisure time I ride a 690 KTM in the woods and other adventures. I enjoy car repair, woodworking, photography, Italian food and good movies.



Hi John! (@EngineerJohn)

Welcome to SimScale! Looks like you have a lot of cool hobbies!

Looking forward to learn a lot from you :slight_smile:

Happy SimScaling!


Hi SimScale team and users,

My name is Abdullah Karimi and I work as CFD engineer in Buildings and Construction industry in United States. I am an experienced user of CFD with over 7 years of experience at varying levels of expertise.

In past, at one of the companies (Siemens Corporate Research) I worked at, I had a chance to use OpenFOAM-based in-house code for gas turbine application for around 4 months.

I have used most of the popular commercial CFD codes for extended periods of time and therefore am sometimes very particular about the shortcomings of certain code compared to other.

I registered at SimScale several months back for my personal and hobby CFD works but never got a chance to use it much. I look forward to test the platform for some of the personal simulations projects I have done in OpenFOAM.

Having said all that, I like the idea of SimScale and wish great success for the company.


Hi @akarimi!

Glad to have you at SimScale! Really enjoying your posts on LinkedIn and I am very excited about your input here in our community! I am sure a lot of users will benefit from your expertise.

Enjoy your stay here Abdullah and feel free to contact me whenever you like!




I’m Erik Edwards - an auditor but interested in Engineering


Hey @Erik1909hp!

Absolutely no problem! SimScale is the right place for you. One of our main goals is to break the “knowledge-barrier” a lot of engineers but also people without an engineering background are struggling with.

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to contact me privately or post your question in one of the existing threads.

Enjoy your stay here!



Hi simscale community,
I am Deiwid Decker, I study Materials Engineering at Brasil and I am a beginner in simulation at all.
. I work with some Auxetic materials in impact resistance and I am interested in CFD and FEM analysis.
My main interest is to learn with and participate in projects regarding the aerospatial industry, mainly on new technology, like an individual flying vehicle.
Hope to learn and interact with the community.


Hi @DeckerDe,

welcome aboard! Let us know if you are stuck and we will do our best to help you out. :slight_smile:

Best regards,