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Also a warm welcome from my side @skondaveeti, @Vyzer & @binodc!

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My name is Gustavo M. Bolson and I just turned 18! I’ve finished my high school last year at the University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, and I’m taking an “unfortunate” gap year learning German in Berlin.

I’ve been dreaming of becoming an Aerospace Engineer for as long as I can remember. I love absolutely all aspects of engineering and hope to one day study in the US. My father, an Electrical Engineer, told me about the great challenges I’ll have to overtake in the years to come, considering I’ll have to fight for a scholarship and build my own way from the ground up. But they say you have to do everything you can to achieve your dreams, so that’s what I’m here for!

I hope to learn a lot about all kinds of simulations in a more intuitive and example-rich environment.

Thank you for reading and also to @RealEngineering (hope I have the right tag!) for bringing me here in the first place.

See you soon! :wink:



Hey @GustavoBolson,

Welcome to SimScale - it’s great that you are going after your dreams :slight_smile: Since you’re interested in Aerospace Engineering, you may want to check our Aerospace Workshop that we hosted last year.

Happy Simulating!


Hello All,

I am Sumiran from Mumbai, India. I am a complete novice in Engineering simulations. My main field of expertise is quantum physics. I am on Simscale to (hopefully) do some side projects - especially simulating air flows. It would be great to find some collaborators here to learn from. Cheers!


Hi @sumiran0!

Welcome to our platform! Feel free to contact me whenever you have questions.

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Hello everybody,
My name is Kim Ravn-Jensen, and I live in Valby, Denmark. I have until now had a rather fruitful career in solids and CFD but am now “between opportunities”. Seeing the existing CAE world as rather stagnant, I have been looking for a way to combine recent advances in open source CAE analysis with my past experience. I wondered how to position myself in today’s environment when I today discovered that SimScale already has. My next step should be to dive into the SimScale world. I might be able to create additional value after some time of studying.


Hi Kim (@kimrj) and welcome to SimScale!

Feel free to check out our update page on resources: A Colleciton of SimScale Resources

We hope that you enjoy your stay here. Feel free to contact me privately if you need something or have any questions!

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I watched a video on Youtube and the uploader mentioned SimScale.
So curious as I am, I went to see what it was…WOW…!
It’s the first time I see such complex software run in a browser, it simply blew my mind.
I’m working on different mechanical projects, but also one that includes heat exchange.
Based on the few project I’ve seen in here already, I’m amazed by the amount of projects shared in here.
Hopefully, I can contribute to this forum with a few of my humble projects, at some point of time.
Thank’s for having me here.


Hi @UmbraGamma!

Super cool that you found your way to us :slight_smile: Which video did you watch exactly? Would be interesting to know :wink:

Really looking forward to see some awesome projects from you in the future! If you need anything do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers and happy SimScaling!




I am David from Cologne, Germany. A friend of mine (@fhartmann) told me about the free simulation Seminar, witch i thought would be interesting. Indeed it was :slight_smile: and I am looking forward to spend some time getting used to this great software.
I study mechanical engineering and I would like to include this tool in my future research.



Hi David and welcome to our forum SimScaler! :slight_smile:

Well, props to your friend for recommending SimScale to you. We hope that you enjoy your stay here and learn a lot from us!

If you have any wishes, questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact us.

Wish you all the best and happy SimScaling!



I tried to explain for my boy how the GPS system works, then I came by this video:
The uploader is apparently also using this great forum.


my name is Florian and i am living in Cologne, Germany.
Last year, i got my bachelor´s degree in mechanical engineering. I am currently doing my Master in product development. I got an offer for the free VDI seminar, so i asked a friend (@DCK) if he wants to join me (he did!) . It was very intresting and i´m glad that i got the chance to become acquainted with SimScale.



Thanks for sharing @UmbraGamma! That is a very good video indeed :slight_smile:

Glad that it brought you to the simulation community in the world :wink:

All the best,



Hi Florian (@fhartmann) !

Very excited to have you as well as your friend here in our community. I hope that you enjoy SimScale :slight_smile: If you have any feedback for the workshop, wishes for future workshops or need help with anything do not hesitate to contact me (German language allowed ;)).

Wish you all the best and happy SimScaling!




My name is Wink Saville I’m a retired software engineer a couple years ago
I broke my hip. A few days ago I had some of the screws in the hip removed
and I thought I’d like to try to use FEA to esitmate the loads on the head and
neck of the femuar. I’m also interested in fluid dynamics so I’ll see what I can
learn there too.



Hello, my name is Michael, I am new to Sim Scale, I live in Vancouver Canada. My interests are mainly in the aviation field. I do have a student pilots license and also am an avid UAV pilot for many years. Sim Scale seems like a great place to share ideas and bring ideas to life. Wink I feel your pain! What though is FEA?


@Inventor FEA == Finite Element Analysis


Hi @wink!

I am very happy that you found your way to SimScale! Sounds like you are already enjoying our platform :slight_smile: Feel free to jump through some tutorials & workshops and let me know how you like them.

Wish you all the best!



Hello @Inventor and welcome to SimScale.

Don’t make me jealous :wink: Hope to see some nice CFD simulations of your plane :slight_smile:

If you want to read more about FEA, I would recommend visiting our brand new Simulation Wiki:

What is FEA?

Cheers and happy SimScaling!