Missing materials

Hello, i am trying to run simulation for my building model in Simscale. The CAD model i am suing is not too complicated and the interior is just a large open space.
My aim is to get the energy evaluation of my CAD model so that i can see how natural ventilation and humidity level effects the human comfort temperature.
I am new to simscale therefore still unfamiliar with many functions on here.
At the moment I have new issues which I have tried to solve and i got to solve some of it,
however some other issues are still there and i cant seem to find the solution.

Hello there,

I think a nice place to begin with SimScale is to take a look at our Thermal Analysis Tutorials, like my colleague Kaan pointed out. However, maybe a good start is also to take a look at the different kinds of simulations that are possible within SimScale for your specific purpose. I think those would be:

  1. Convective Heat Transfer
  2. Conjugate Heat Transfer V2
  3. Conjugate Heat Transfer (IBM)

For each I’ve linked a documentation page for reference :slight_smile:


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Hello again @rtaheri! As my colleague Rigor mentioned, following one of the step-by-step tutorials will ensure that you have a strong grasp of the simulation tree, and won’t face such issues in the future. You don’t need to use the CAD models used in these tutorials, but rather use your own model and follow the steps given in the tutorials.

The specific error message you’re receiving implies that there are parts in your model without any material assignments, and I can see that you have not defined any material yet. Therefore, completing 1 or 2 tutorials before starting a simulation will be very beneficial in understanding each step.

Thanks, Kaan

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Thank you, can you please share the project with me for copy. Right now i can only view it, i would like to use it and edit it and learn to see what my mistakes were in my own model on simscale.

thank you for the links, i will look at all of them today.
Yesterday I managed to fix some problems and it was accepting the model for simulation, however after 15 minutes of running the simulation on 0% it failed the simulation and ive got some new issues. Now i have to figure out what the new issue is related to. Let me know if upgrading to a full version of simscale will change anything for me?
There is another minor issue relating to the side bar when managing my geometry and assembly and son on… The side bar doesn’t stretch for me so I cant see the labels fully, and when i put my cursor on it, it doesn’t show the full name of the object.
I think I will need to address my simulation problem as a new issue on a new post for forum.

Hello @rtaheri I hope you’re well today! You can create a new copy of the project, and edit that project as you like.

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Thank you so much for the information.