How to show thermal conductivity?


I am trying to work out the thermal conductivity of a Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP).
This is an initial attempt on a single panel to try and get an understanding of the software and results, however, I have the result but cannot seem to find the thermal conductivity?

Is there a way to show or calculate this value?

This project is going to be part of a larger one hence why i am trying on a basic part for now.

Any help or insights of how to make this simulation better or more accurate are greatly appreciated!

Hello @rd2007 , and thanks for posting your question on the Forum!

I believe what you’re looking for is to obtain the heat transfer coefficient between a solid and a fluid region - which could be ambient still air (natural convection) or a flow (forced convection).

To perform such simulations, you would need a Conjugate Heat Transfer or Conjugate Heat Transfer (IBM) simulation type depending on your needs and complexity of your model. Both types are capable of simulating fluid-solid thermal exchanges. I would also recommend following one of the tutorials focusing on this topic given here.

To obtain the heat transfer coefficient, you would need to create an additional result control item as described in this documentation page. Result control items can also be used to create plots/graphs in advance to obtain velocity, pressure, and temperature at selected areas, volumes, or points.

I hope this information will be helpful.