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Hey friends ! I am Naren and I am a serious design-technology visualization person & ( experienced design engineer 12 Yrs. plus). Mainly into visualizing ( by animation & gaming tools ) for Science-technology, Innovations, Pre-design visualization, Idea / Concepts etc.
I know this could be little confusing for most engineering
Many times instead of real in depth CFD / FEA solutions, the initial quick and directional results / guide lines are required for designers. Found gaming & animation tools are quite faster & promising in initial design stages & even in certain stages at intermediate stages. Spending hours & days together sometime for unnecessary detailed results is not necessary, a quick directional guide lines are life line.
I found this site during my off the track tools search & hope it will be a good tool in my collection! :):slightly_smiling_face:
Eventually browse thru many samples here & might meet like minded Engineer Artists ! :smiley:
Cheers !


Hi @visualizer and welcome to our forum! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

Sounds very interesting and I hope that there are some good and beneficial synergy effects that helps other users are well. Could you send me a portfolio (if you have one) of what you are actually doing? I have some idea in my head how it looks like but I would love to know more about it :slight_smile: Drop me a message!

All the best and enjoy your stay here!