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Thanks Jousef!


Hello my name is Eferebo Sylvanus, am actually new to Simscale platform .
I am trying to simulate flow behavior around a wing in ground effect marine fast craft model.
I have been going through lots of the aircraft simulation tutorial but will like to extend the idea to studying the model flow behavior when on sea and in flight mood under the influence of ground effect

I really need help here


Hi @seferebo and welcome to SimScale! :slight_smile:

Sounds like an interesting application! I would suggest that you put the CAD model along with a detailed description inside the Project Support section. Looking forward to see what we can achieve here!

All the best and happy stay here on SimScale!



I am also a newbie here. Please accept me guys all. Thanks!


Hi @bmike444!

Everybody is welcome to SimScale! :wink: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and for which projects you want to use SimScale?

Cheers and enjoy your stay here!



Hello everyone!
I’m Alex Fernandes, from Lisbon, Portugal.
I’m a CATIA V5 instructor in the UK and an absolute “nutty” for motorsport.
I still dream of being able to redirect my career towards my passion, instead of constantly training the guys that do so. Getting off the sidelines, so to speak.
I’ve always had a thing for aerodynamics and I want to join my expertise in CAD with aero and CFD.
I’ve been around the Simscale platform for a month now, and I’ve learned a lot.

I spend most of my free time with my wife and daughter or learning about motorsport related topics, I also love to 3d print things. I used to be an industrial process engineer and used my previous experience and knowledge to push my 3D printer to its very limit, now currently printing on a very high quality level.

I’m here to learn and help others, so if anyone has questions regarding CAD design, design methodology or CAD quality, I’m your man.



Hi Alex!

Welcome to SimScale! Glad to have another motorsport enthusiast! I myself love F1 and am cheering for Lewis!

Very nice of you to offer your expertise! I’m sure it will come handy in projects. Do try out some CFD projects and let us know if you’ve encountered any problems!




Thanks for your reply here. Actually, I am looking for a cheap electric skateboard. Here is the right place to discuss about this ?


Hi @bmike444!

Unfortunately not unless you want to simulate one like here: Dynamic Drop Test of a skateboard :wink: Maybe we can discuss this in private!




Hello, I’m Rupert and I’m an undergraduate engineering student at Wichita State University. I stumbled upon SimScale looking for a way to run CFD simulations on complex models without freezing my computer. Right now I’m running simulations on some Native American arrowheads to compare the aerodynamics and writing a report about the results. Being a beginning engineer, I will probably be using this forum for help with my projects


Hi @rnunez and a warm welcome to SimScale!

We would love to see your simulation results! I would like to put them into the project spotlight section of our forum then :slight_smile:

All the best and happy simscaling!



Hi there
My name is Hassan, a postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft, the Netherlands.
I have been doing a lot of DNS and LES and RANS simulations on different applications using in/house codes. I jointed you since I have heard a lot about you and happy to learn new things here.


Hi Hassan (@hnemati) and welcome to SimScale! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

Very good that you have experience in turbulence modelling! I actually want to write an article about turbulence and its possibilities in the future and hope that we can discuss some of the details here in the forum - think that this is going to be very interesting for everybody :slight_smile:

Cheers and enjoy your stay here!



Hi Jousefm
Thank you very much for your welcoming. That would be great idea. Happy to help.


Hello there!

My name is Gaurav Gupta, I’m R&D engineer at DeInde Engineering.
My main field of expertise is CFD and BIM. I have used CFD for various applications such as for HVAC- Industrial Ventilation, Ducted and Ductless ventilation, Natural Ventilation, Data center Cooling, Precision temperature control, District Cooling, High Rise Buildings, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Health Care.

I hope to learn a lot from all of you!


Hello and a warm welcome to SimScale Gaurav (@gauravdeinde)! :slight_smile: We believe that you can and will learn a lot on our platform!

Another option is to have a look at the Public Projects to see how others have set up their simulations and learn from them!

Happy SimScaling!



Thank you so much for welcoming.
I am new user of SIMSCALE
interested in indoor air simulation in the kitchen.
Will enjoy with the friends


Hi @sapkota_bp and welcome to SimScale! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO1AAAAJGRhNTc1ZWI0LTU0NjAtNDlhYS1iMjQzLWEzZDEyMjcwNGVhNQ

Feel free to check out the links I posted above to get started with the platform. If you have any questions about SimScale or need help feel free to either post your question or contact me privately.

Happy SimScaling!



Hi CF here, a year-3 mechanical engineering undergraduate students in Hong Kong. Previously I use OpenFOAM to do some easy simulations and I find SimScale is an alternative application for CFD. Great to see SimScale users around the world and hope my CFD knowledge will be strengthen :slight_smile:


Hi CF,
welcome abroad! :slight_smile: Everything is given here to strengthen your CFD knowledge. Feel free to ask when in doubt.

Best regards,