Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1



by @Milad_Mafi:

We have another update from our product team: To alleviate the constant overload, all of the jobs waiting in the queue have been cancelled.

If you received a notification that your job was cancelled, please do not worry - we will accept the homework as it is with all of the meshing and simulation setups shown. You may submit the project link via this form. Please do not restart the jobs, we don’t want to overload the server again :wink:

If you have not yet started Homework 1, please do a simulation for Configuration 1 and Configuration 2 to receive full credit.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


@jousefm .Sir, I have completed all the meshes along with simulation, except the simulation for the 6degree configuration ,which failed 3 times ,due to numerical instability(according to log)
So if I submit the homework as it is (missing simulation for 6 degree config.) will it be accepted?Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Yes, we will accept it :slight_smile:


@jousefm Sir, from the update which you posted. If the jobs are cancelled. Should we submit by today with what we have? the deadline we had earlier or should we submit before friday deadline?


what to do next


Dear Sir,

I have no idea what I’ve done wrong to get this message for both my simulations.

I hope you can help


Hello @varunsura ,

you have time until Friday. So feel free to finish your project by finishing your meshing and simulation setups.

If you have trouble finishing your project I will provide you with a version where you just have to finish the simulation setup.




Hi @hgibbons ,

that message indicates that your Simulation Control settings are such that your computational core hour quota would be exceeded during the run. (\rightarrow Exceeding computational quota)

@AnnaFless might help you there.

If you want to finish your project I will run the simulation for you if you like.




Good evening @tdangi,

can you elaborate your question please? I am willing to help you :wink:




That would be amazing if you could. Do you need me to do anything in order to do so?




Just make sure you set the visibility to public so that I can copy your project into my workspace. :+1:

See also:How to share a project



Here’s a link to my project.
Thank you very much,


Hi @jousefm
As you told me to increase the cores and then rerun the meshing operation, so I did. And yes it worked, thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.



You’re welcome @debroy84863568 :slight_smile:


Hello. My 18deg-5mm-up Mesh failed 5 times in a row. Can someone please check on it? I don’t know why it does not want to work :slight_smile: thanks!


Hi @estephan,

I will send you a message with the project having meshed everything. Just make sure you set up the simulation settings :wink:




did you send it as an email? Then I have to check my mails. :slight_smile:



No. You can find it in your inbox here on SimScale!


I found it thank you. Shall I put this link in the homework submit form?


No @estephan. Finish the simulation setup. I just gave you the finished Meshes so that you can work on the rest and do not have to wait :wink: