Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


@jousefm, Think that would be good… would also save the servers some work.

Kind regards,


That would be awesome. Thank you. I guess the servers are overloaded. Everybody wants to do the homework at the same time. :slight_smile:


Is it necesary to submit the fully complited project to qualify for the certificate?
I don’t know whether it is the wifi at the accomodation or the Simscale but I can’t do anything because it took more than 2 hours to even start generating one simulation not even mentioning meshes that haven’t generated yet because they are ‘queued’. I would really like to complete that but it is not up to me :pensive:


@estephan & @zplocke,

I will provide you with a finished meshed model as soon as I have access to my Dashboard. The server is still under maintenance.

So you will be able to finish this task until Friday :slight_smile:




thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi .

I managed to get my first mesh with finished computating status , but there is a notification in the mesh operation log saying ‘’ Mesh quality check failed . Mesh is not o.k ‘’ Do i have reset something ?


Hi @AlexanderKon, Na don’t worry about that. There is a topic in the forums about this message, but in essence its nothing much to worry about.

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Darren Lynch


Thank you !


For some reason the simulation for 6 deg shows an error but with no explanation…it shows that the simulation is 100% complete though


very good, thank you


i m encountering an error in mesh quality checck. any idea how to resolve



I was wondering if SimScale staff can confirm me the change in the due time at FSAE Sesssion 1 HW. Plus, I have been suffering some server issues in terms of running my meshes. I have not been receiving any notification or error message.


I am having lots of trouble withe the visualization of the meshes and geometries on the corresponding window. A sign with the legend ‘X3DOM LOADING SCENE…’ appears but nothing happens.
On the other hand, the meshing generation its taking for ever, making me unable of finishing the homework on time.
Due to this problems I was wondering if there could be a late submission of the activities.
Thank you for your time.
Nicolas Scomazzon


for the last 7 hours all my project are queued.
Is the problem with my mesh details or something else.


It seems I have quite same issue… Maybe some downloading…?


I began the meshing operations for the assignment about 9 or 10 hours ago. Since then, one model gave me an error (which is what has already been discussed), but the rest are all still “queued for computation”.
Is this because I made a mistake somewhere, or is there an issue elsewhere?


the operation 1 of creating meshes is stuck in the middle showing ‘Queued’ and does not even stop after clicking on the stop button.please guide.


Hi @jocon, @marabhoseini, @nrastogi, @afuente. @nscomazzon, @mick_prahaar, @FCervenka, @bmosa and @parthgohil,

as soon as I have access to my models I will provide you with a model including all Meshes so you can proceed setting up the rest of the simulation. That would save some resources.

We just have to wait until the server maintenance is done.

Sorry for the experiences inconveniences!




Yes, it is taking hours and still not meshed, can’t proceed until it gets complete. Would we be able to complete it in next 85minutes remaining for deadline?


Hi @parthgohil,

as already stated by @AnnaFless, the deadline has been extended until Friday.

You will be able to finish your homework :wink: