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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


Hi @tdangi,

thanks for reporting your issue.

First of all make sure you post your problem as a whole :wink: Makes it easier to read and keeps the thread compact. And elaborate your problem. Interpreting pictures is not my strength :wink:

Concerning your project: It seems that you only have two domains available because only two meshing processes have finished.

I would recommend you finish all your meshes and then go to the Simulation Designer. Or you can set up your simulations and continue working on the missing meshes if you submitted your simulations. I would prefer

  1. Finish all required Meshes
  2. Proceed with the Simulation Designer and submitt your jobs there
  3. ?? (Wait…)
  4. Profit :wink:

If you have problems or questions do not hesitate to ask me.

P.S: If you want to share your project do not copy the link of the opened Tab!!

–> See this post for more information: Sharing a Project




I have an issue with one of my simulations and some of the mesh operations I have created, I have made a simulation run for Configuration 1 (Run-Flap-0deg) and mesh operations for the remaining 6 configurations, while most of the meshes I have created have run succesfully, the meshes for Configuration 4 and 8 are still queued for computation as well as the simulation run mentioned above which has 0% of progress after more than 10 hours of running and they are not appearing anymore on the job status box, I would like to know which steps should I follow to solve these problems please, here is the link to my project:

Best regards.


can i please have the link for the homework submission because i cant seem to find it?


Salut @juansan995,

make sure you check out your project in your Mesh Creator. Sometimes the progress on the right side of your Dashboard is not always accurate. I had the same issue yesterday waiting for my Mesh to finish looking at the “progress circle” saying that it was 0% when in fact it was finished.

I checked out your project and all Meshes seem to be fine. The only ones that are missing (meaning that you submitted no Mesh job for them) are

  1. FW-14deg-model mesh
  2. FW-18deg-10mm-up mesh

as you mentioned above.

I submitted job 4 and 8 from your project. I will let you know how it went and provide you with the finished project as soon as it is finished.



Hi @melia,

here you go: Homework Submission

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hey @manassar,

@ahmedhussain18, @Milad_Mafi or @Ali_Arafat might help you there. Your question almost got lost in the shuffle :wink:



Thank you very much for the help and the consideration of the request @jousefm and @AnnaFless. Really appreciate it.
Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Soni


thanks, it did work… but took nearly overnight…


I am not able to assign the 6 degree deflection model to the domain in simulation designer…


Hey @mashko_Or ,

give me your project link. If you want to know how it is done see: Sharing a Project

I will have a look at that. :+1:

thanks for the quick response…


Thank you very much for your help @jousefm, regarding my simulations, I have now run 6 simulations, while their progress appears as 0% when I select “Simulation Runs”, they are appearing as Complete when I select “Simulations” on Simulation Designer, however, when I go to Post-Processor there are no simulations from which I can select.


Hello all
I’m facing an issue in simulating the 18 degree models (last 3) ,the solver shows error and suggests to increase the time step ,I did try increasing the time step from 1500 to 1600 but it didn’t help the error again popped, could you help me in this regard.(The rest of the models meshes have been simulated sucessfully with the same settings).
Here is my project link for reference:
Anil Kumar


My simulations for the zero degree and 12 degrees have completed successfully but for some reason i am not being able to view the solution fields. Whenever i click on the solution fields it just shows a blank page although my convergence plots seem to be more or less right. Is there some fault in my simulation or is it just because of the processing time of the site? If there is a problem in my simulation then how do i solve it?


Hi @AnilKC & @bmaitra,

sorry for the inconveniences. The SimScale team is looking into this and tries to make it work as fast as possible!

You will get updates by @afischer.




Thank you very much .

I will keep on trying .


I have a problem with the postprocessing process. It says the loading process will only take about 5 minutes, but my Laptop is loading and loading. Even after 2 hours nothing happened… What am I supposed to do? What if the process won´t be done till tomorrow 12pm?

Thanks in advance

best regards

Tim Bernard


Hi @Tiiimta,

no worries. The deadline has been extended as mentioned previously by @AnnaFless.

Just wait until @afischer gives some updates. Sorry for the inconveniences.




Hello @Tiiimta,

thanks for sharing this. The post-processor should not load longer than the mentioned 5 minutes even for very large results. Actually this value was already chosen quite high for those extreme cases.
Could you reload the application. We added more resources some minutes ago. If it does not work after 5 minutes could you tell me again. Please don’t wait longer, it is not supposed to take so long!

We are also working to resolve the issue mentioned by @jousefm where jobs are queued for a long time.

I keep you updated!

Best Alex