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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


Hello, good afternoon ! I have a question !

I will make the workshop about Application of CFD in Formula Student and Formula SAE tomorow. I would like to know how can I get the software,once that I need them to do the exercises right ?

Thanks a lot


Hey @dbiondo!

Thanks a lot for your query. If you are asking for SimScale then there is no problem. All you have to do is to ask your students to create a free community account as you did and then they can register for the workshop and start doing the homework.

Thats ALL!! :wink:

If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



Can anyone help? In the webinar it was stated that the meshing process also works without having online connection or having the browser closed. but in my case it started meshing all over again. Anybody else got that problem? Thank you.


Hi, it’s been almost 2-3 hours and i still can’t find any progress in my meshing in operation 1. Any solution to this problem?


Hi, my meshing operation has no any progress!!!


Hi @estephan, I’ve never seen this happen. I think it is more likely that it just never started? Did you notice any progress when you closed the browser? or was it just queuing?

@Kamran, @marabhoseini, I think unfortunately your just gonna hang tight, as long as its queuing it will start as soon as there are free cores. Looking at previous comments, the servers are pretty heavy with the popularity of this work shop :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch


thank you for your quick reply. I started the operation and it buffers up to 10% and after closing the window it starts all over again at 0% of progress viewable on my dashboard. I’m waiting for over 60min now and it is now again at 5%


UPDATE: it started all over again at 0% and is now queued…
is the Server overloaded or is my browser not able to work with the SimScale platform


@estephan, I’ve just had a look and all of them say ‘preparing’ do you see the same? The operation won’t actually start making progress until it goes into ‘computing’ not sure why you are seeing percentages at this stage, I thought it gives 0% until computing. I might be mistaken.

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch

in responce to your update:
server does feel sluggish, but there is a lot of volume on atm… what browser are you using?


I’m working with firefox. it is working. I dont know why it is showing percentages. I guess it’s right now a server problem bc now it queued for computation so I hope it will do progress. Is firefox making problems with Simscale?


@estephan, I wouldn’t have thought it would be the browser… I think just line your jobs up and watch some TV hopefully when you come back some progress would have been made :slight_smile: If you have another browser it might be worth just double checking it isn’t that (chrome is the other windows supported browser) but I don’t recon it’ll make a difference.

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch


okay thank you for the time to answer my questions. I will look at it again later. I hope it will be fine.


UPDATE: there has been Error on 2 of the meshes. What could cause the errors bc there is no error log?


odd, just having a look which ones failed? sometimes if I lose connection (or close the lid) and the operation finishes it reports failed, could this be the case? refresh the page? just an idea… let me know which ones have failed.

Kind regards,


The FW-14deg-model and the FW-18deg-5mm-up model the other ones are still running and havent finished yet. I started the 14deg and the 18deg5mmup one again…


another one failed. Engine error. I guess I cannot do the homework then bc it wont work out. obviously


right ok, If you have fired them off again I can’t have a look at the error or the log since you have over written them. If you get another error leave it and let me know :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi @estephan, ill copy your project and see whats going down… think there is an extension on the homework so don’t panic :slight_smile: ill get back to you in a bit.

Kind regards,


I know what the big deal here is… the servers are constantly down. Now I couldnt even log back in. “Server is down for maintenance. Try again later.”


Hi @estephan,@Kamran & @marabhoseini,

if you want I can provide you a model with a finished mesh so that you can continue setting up the simulation in the Simulation Designer.

If that is a good recompense for you I will post the link for all here. :slight_smile: