Simulation graph results

I just finished the thermal management tutorial using conjugate heat transfer.

I was analyzing simulation graph results, and there was some uncomprehended indexes.

I was not able to understand what p_rgh, nut, omega, and rho represent for.

Also, unit, what is m^4 / s and m^4 / s^2; those units are unfamiliar to me.

Could you explain what those are supposed to mean?

If there is an explaination on the website or forum, would you give me a link for the reference?

For your information, this is the link of the project regarding those questions.

Hi myoon,
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I was pleased to read you have been working though one of the the tutorials. In terms of p, nut omega etc, they are used as indicators of remaining residual values that are calculated from the simulation as it progresses. I suppose in some respects you don’t need to know exactly what they (omega, nut, …) represent but just to know how to interpret them so you can make a judgement if your simulation is converging to the right answer. The document below provides some guidance.

In terms of the unfamiliar units… m^4 / s and m^4 / s^2.
Well any combination of units can be used, but I acknowledge the ones you listed are uncommon, but have been formulation as a measure of the ‘error’ occurring and they just provide an indicator/s or measure/s to plot so as to provide an insight into the convergence of the simulation.

To do more reading on various subjects, go to Under the ‘Help’ section then go to the ‘Documentation’ and then search for the topics you are interested in. Or read some of the SimWiki. Mind you the maths still blows me away :slight_smile:

All the best.

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