Graph results analysis

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First of all, thank you for replying my questions.

However, I still do not understand some graph results which are Ux and Uz.

I understood Uy is the air flow regarding to y-axis.

I honestly do not know how to analyze Ux and Uz which are air flow regarding to x-axis and z-axis.

Is it the air flow reflects either on the wall or components and changed the direction to x and z-axis?

Would you explain me how to approach the idea of those graph results?

Thank you,


Hello myoon,

so for any cell, the fluid velocity can be displayed as a vector in the centroid of the cell.
We refer to this as the velocity magnitude.
As with every vector you can compute this vector in the axis components.
So as you said Ux is the x-direction Uy is the y-direction and so on.

Does this answer your question?