Refining Mesh around Leading Edge of Frontwing

Im quite new to Simscale and I want to mesh a Frontwing for my Formula Student Team but, Im having concerns if the quality of the mesh around the Leading Edge is sufficient enough to go on and simulate it. How can I refine the mesh, so that the radius is correcty resolved? Or what changes should to the meshing settings should I do, to continue the simulation job?
Also Im not sure if the standard algorithm is the right one to use for my application. Would be nice to get some help or advice from you guys.
Here is a link to the project: SimScale Login

Hello again @StrohmUndSoehne,

If you’re concerned about capturing the curvature around leading edges, you can always use Surface or Region refinements in your mesh. I’d recommend to split your faces near the leading edge so you can apply proper surface refinements to specific faces.

Regarding the mesh type, it’s possible to achieve better convergence and more efficiency with respect to consumption of coure hours by using the Hex-Dominant meshers. However, please keep in mind that Hex -dominant mesher requires many manual inputs and experience in meshing where as standard mesher is highly automated and robust.

In any way, here is a tutorial that explains the use of Hex-dominant parametric mesher for a front wing.

Hope this is helpful,

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By the way, my colleague @SBlock just pinged me about a possible improvement. The purpose of the simulation is also to observe the ground effect on the wing section, is that correct?

Just a heads up if that’s the purpose, usual ground clearance for front wings is usually around 30-50 mm. In the current geometry setup this value is higher than usual, consequently making it difficult to observe the ground effect.


thank you again, i’ll have a look on it and hopefully it will improve

Im aware that the Frontwing operates near the ground, but Im trying to simulate it without ground effect to validate it afterwards in our windtunnel :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s alright then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let us know how it goes and post another one if you face further issues!
Best, Kaan.

Hello Team @StrohmUndSoehne

in addition to the Tutorial project my colleague just send you, you can also have a look at this, forum thread with a user a while ago which explains the approach on how to set up the mesh for a wing element.

What I would really recommend is to split the surfaces of the leading and trailing edges of the wing in order to use local element refinements in that region, to further increase the resolution in these areas.

Best regards

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