"Multiple boundary condition or interface assignments for the following entities: "

Hello I am designing a simulation to estimate the rate of heat transfer of a diver in still water conditions and I am getting these two errors popping up:

“Multiple boundary condition or interface assignments for the following entities: NONE@Boss-Extrude1, NONE@Boss-Extrude1, NONE@Boss-Extrude1, more …
Velocity must not be a zero vector for Velocity inlet 2.”
Here is a link to my project any help is appreciated!

Hello Mshaeli19
thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.

As you are using the CHT.V2 the temperature of the surface will be defined by heat transfer and therefore shouldn’t be set by a boundary condition.

In order to set the heat of the body please assign geometry to a power source.

One point in regards to the setup of your boundary conditions please have a look at this tutorial which in regards to the physics is similar to yours.

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Thank you for the reply, I have been able to rub the simulation a few times but can’t seem to record any wall heat flux other than the one that i induce as a power source, was wondering if I had something wrong in the setup.
Body thermal loss | Other | SimScale

Again appreciate any help!

Hi Msaheli19

glad that I could help.
In regards to your setup issue can please describe me a bit further how you want the simulation to be setup and what boundary conditions are?

Also since you are only interested in the Wall Heat flux. Maybe a convective heat transfer analysis with an external wall heat flux might be possible.

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Hello Sebastian, the two unknowns in my simulation that I am looking to investigate are the convective heat transfer coeffecient and thus overall heat transfer flux in the system, thus when I tried to use the convective heat transfer analysis I was unable to do so since it asks for a heat transfer coeffecient input.
The boundary conditions I am currently using are:
Natural Convection for inlet and outlet
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Hello sorry for the latte reply.

So what I would suggest you is to mimic the LED Tutorial.

So just only simulate a quarter of the diver, and use symmetry planes. and use the natural convection boundary conditions for all the outer faces.

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