MATLAB and Simscale

Dear friends,
Please let me know whether it is possible connect Matlab and Simscale model together like Matlab and Ansys? if yes, then how?

Hello, and thank you for using the Forum. It should be possible by using API capabilities of SimScale. Please be aware that API acces requires a different subscription plan other than community.
For more on the API integration, please have a look at this post:

And for more:

Could you please describe your project beriefly, so we can discuss a little bit further?
Hope this helps.

I did not understand properly here. However, what I am trying to do is to connect Simscale with MATLAB.

for example, output data file from matlab to be processed to simscale as a input data file or boundary conditions. please, help me

Thank you for the information. There isn’t an established graphical interface where users can connect SimScale and MATLAB. However it’s still possible to enhance an automated process between MATLAB and SimScale by API Integration. API capabilities will provide you programmatic access to the software. Here is one of our public examples on how to upload a CSV file and use it to define as a velocity inlet boundary condition:

You’d still need an API access key as I’ve mentioned in my previous reply.

For your application, another alternative could be to use table inputs on the platform. Using table inputs requires manual settings, but they allow users to add multiple cases in a simulation by specifying variables on boundaries, or ramp the input over the time of the simulation. Once you exported the output file in a CSV file from MATLAB, you’ll able to upload the CSV file. To get more information on table inputs and how to use them, please have a look at this page:

Hope this helps.

I have looked at it your API integration, but could not find any more information with how can I do it.
Please can you give me more information? any videos, articles books or pdfs?

Hello! All the examples are the ones shared in our GitHub page. Unfortunately, further dedicated API support, and API access requires a different subscription plan other than community or academic plan as mentioned in previous replies.
You can either contact one of our sales representatives at this page to to get more information on API included professional plans, or you can implement your boundary conditions by exporting them in MATLAB as csv format, and import them by using table inputs. Please refer to my previous reply.
Hope this helps.