How to upload temperature data externally by using .txt , csv or any other formats?

I need to change only the temperature data conditions every time. for that how to upload the data files like csv, .xls, .txt or similar data formats ?

Hello, and thank you for using the Forum. You can upload your input file as a table in .csv format. Below, you can find information on how to use table inputs, and related CSV file format. Hope this helps.

Thank you. Is there any way to give that data automatically from any external software like unity3d ?

Automatically getting table inputs from another software straight to the platform is not currently possible. It can be possible by using API integration system which provides programmatic access to the platform, however please be aware that API integration requires a different subscription plan.
May I ask what is the purpose of your application? If you could provide a berief description of your project, we can discuss about the alternative solutions.

I am doing this project for my masters degree. I will get real-time temperature values data of a room in unity3d and I want to simulate the room according to the real- time room temperature and showing the simulation time results only in unity3d.

Could you please explain more about API integration

Hello again! Basically, our API integration will allow SimScale and another program to communicate with each other. For example, it can allow users to automate their workflows, perform parametric sweeps for their design iterations, or it can be used for shape optimization. For your application, it can be used to automate your workflow by uploading a CSV file and using it as a boundary condition.
Here is a public example of our Python SDK that uploads a CSV file and define it as a velocity inlet boundary condition.

Please feel free to check out our SDK’s that are available through our GitHub page as well.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. That would be helpful for me and moreover, I need the time and temperature results back to unity automatically. Is there anything for that ? Thanks.

Hello again. Yes, in principle that’s something you can do. All the simulation results that can be downloaded using the platform can also be downloaded by using the SimScale API. The rest of the procedure should be completed within Unity3D side.
Hope this helps.

I am using visual studio I tried to integrate the Github c# code with my project but I got so many errors. Do you have any examples or projects related to this. so that I can understand better. could you please help me with that.

Hello again! Official examples are the ones in the Github repository. For the API access, you’re going to need a valid API key. As I’ve mentioned in a previous thread, API access and dedicated API support is provided for our Enterprise plan users. Please have a look at here for more information on the subscription plans.
Hope this helps.