Invalid Enclosure box

I get the following error when creating an enclosure box but it makes no sense to me and I can’t understand what to do to resolve this issue:

"Invalid Enclosure box

The specified Enclosure box is fully contained in one of the solid regions. Please make to sure to define the dimensions of the Enclosure box such that it overlaps at least partly with void regions not covered by any solid parts."

Hi @higgsdamian,

Thanks for posting your question. It seems that your enclosure operation is not covering all solid bodies in your CAD geometry. To figure it out, you can directly change the enclosure dimensions. In this meantime, could you please share the project link here?


That’s what I initially thought so changed the geometry and retried but still got the same message. - I will try again.

I still can’t get it to work - I’ve imported a Step file which was created in Shapr3D. The enclosure box full encloses the item I have created and imported. I’ve tried to make the enclosure box enormous relative to the design but this doesn’t work either. Not sure what else I can do to ??

Is this the geometry that you think you have added an enclosure to?

I’ve tried many different geometries and tried to enclose all of them without any success - it seems this software is not very intuitive to use… And it also seems the geometries I’m trying to enclose must be super simplified in order to get any result (still no results actually simulated yet).

I’m currently getting an error which says the object I’m trying to model needs to be assigned advanced concepts - no idea what this actually means? I’ve tried to look at advanced concepts but this seems to just relate to Rotating zones, porous media and momentum sources. I just have a simple shape I’m trying to model the flow over.

Any help much appreciated.

Are you trying to analyze the flow of a single media inside the venturi and also on the outside?

I’m trying to analyse the flow through and around the object and see how it speeds up and slows down.

Then I want to try some more complicated shapes…

Please get your project into the state where the error message appears so I can see the error.

And attach a screenshot here that shows the error message.

A setup with at least 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please delete CAD regions that are irrelevant for the simulation. If all CAD regions are relevant, ensure that only one region is assigned to the material and that all other bodies are assigned to advanced concepts.

That is the error message but there is only 1 object - the venturi. and 1 enclosure box which I have assigned properties to such as Velocity inlet, pressure outlet and Walls.

The screen capture would really help me to see what you are doing at the time the error is generated.

EDIT: Aha, you seem to be trying to create a simulation before you create a mesh.

I suggest researching external aerodynamic projects and tutorials.

Here is a place to start: Tutorial: Compressible CFD Simulation of a Golf Ball | SimScale

I seem to need to delete the object (original drawing) from within the enclosure box when I create the enclosure box in ACAD? Is this correct? If so, why do I need to do this?

Just a little constructive feedback: What I find when using Tutorials in this software is that operations are shown but there is no reasoning behind each operation to allow understanding of why each operation is performed. It would really help to know why I need to do certain operations in order to get to a finish line and then I could evaluate what impact each of those operations has. There are also a lot of terms used without any explanation. For example: “Create a Saved Selection for the golf ball surface:” - why do I need to do this? What will it give me? What does a “Saved Selection” do within the model? - these things are not explained within the Tutorial.

I am sorry but there is not much more I can help you with at this time until you have a grasp of the basics. There are many ways of doing things but the basic workflow is similar. Good CAD file, then good mesh, then properly setup simulation.

Hi Dale - is there any guidance on what constitutes a good CAD file, a good Mesh and a good Simulation set up? The tutorials don’t deal with these points, they just run through a project and what steps need to be taken at which points. For example I am now trying to run a simulation and the Mesh is apparently not correct - but i have no idea what is wrong with the Mesh that has been automatically created in the software. I have tried to change the fineness of the mesh as a first step - but how fine should the mesh be?

Any help much appreciated.

Hi @higgsdamian,

Thanks for posting your question. We do provide good documentations regarding good CAD file, mesh, and simulation setup. Please let me share some of them with you:

Please also enjoy to explore our documentations page regarding Simulation Setup:



Hi - I’ve managed to get to the meshing stage but I just keep getting an error message saying the meshing has failed - no reasons or advice or suggestions on how to modify anything - just an error message. Therefore I’m a bit stuck and the software just says contact the forum. So here I am.

Any advice on what to do? So far, to this point, I think I’ve done everything correctly by following the tutorials but it is quite complicated and getting your head around all the steps is quite difficult.

I’ve watched all the meshing videos on Youtube as advised but they don’t really help when it comes to actually running the mesh in SimScale - I’ve no idea why my mesh is not meshing…

Thanks Damian