Can simscale model gas-liquid mass transfer in a moving object?

I am attempting to perform an experiment similar to that in the reference below. Simply, I would like to use multiphase CFD simulations to evaluate the the effect of agitation speed on gas transfer through a permeable material with a known diffusion coefficient. For this I will use a simple rectangular geometry. How would I approach setting up this model, including defining the porosity of the material on SimScale?

Zhang, H., Williams-Dalson, W., Keshavarz-Moore, E. and Shamlou, P.A. (2005), Computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) analysis of mixing and gas–liquid mass transfer in shake flasks. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 41: 1-8.

Hi there,
We have multiphase simulation analysis type available. The multiphase fluid flow analysis is used to simulate the time-dependent behavior of two incompressible, isothermal, immiscible fluid mixtures using the VOF (Volume of Fluid) method. Please be aware that currently, the multiphase analysis is limited to flow speeds up to 15 𝑚/𝑠.

Regarding the porosity of the material, with the porous media feature, users can define porosity characteristics of volumes within the computational domain. A porous media can be created under the Advanced Concepts tab in the simulation tree.

You can read more about it here