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In this thread we provide you with the best resources you need to understand the functionalities of SimScale, set up your own simulations and learn about the theoretical fundamentals of the interesting field of Thermal Analysis. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Heat Transfer | Thermal Analysis on our SimWiki

\underline{\textbf{Workshops related to Thermal Analysis}}

1. Delve into the interesting application of CFD in “Air conditioning and Ventilation”!
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2. Interested in optimized cooling and heating processes for improved energy efficiency and durability? Go check out the Thermal Analysis Workshop!
\rightarrow Thermal Simulation Workshop


Tutorials for FEA/CFD & Thermal Analysis: Tutorials

Step-by-Step Tutorials: Learn Simulation Step-By-Step




\underline{\textbf{Thermodynamics on SimScale}}

The simulation type Heat transfer allows the calculation of the temperature distribution and heat flux in a solid under thermal loads as for example convection and radiation.

As a result you can analyse the temperature distribution in a steady state scenario as well as for example a transient heating process of a mechanical part. A negative heat flux over the borders of the domain illustrates the thermal power loss of e.g. a cooled device.

Thermodynamics Examples

\underline{\textbf{Thermomechanics with SimScale}}

The analysis type Thermomechanical analysis allows the calculation of the structural and thermal behavior of one or multiple bodies at once. It is called uncoupled as the thermal and structural result fields are not calculated simultaneously but sequentially in an iterative process where the results of a thermal step serve as input for the next structural step. The stress state of the structure depends accordingly on the structural constraints and loads as well as on the thermal expansion under thermal loads.

Thermomechanics Examples

\underline{\textbf{Validation Cases using SimScale}}

In these validation cases, the simulation results on SimScale are compared to the numerical results presented in other studies to validate the accuracy of our solvers

Validation cases: Thermal simulation Validation Cases

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Validation cases: Thermomechanics Validation Cases

Click to see all validation cases


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