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Wind study, problem with mesh refinement and postprocessing in paraview


Dear Simscale Team!

I am working on a wind study within an urban context.
Here is the link for the project, I also shared with the support team.

I am discovering problems when postprocessing the results in paraview:

I wand to show U Magnitude (windspeed) but the transition between buildings and open space doesn’t seem to be right, as it is heavily disrupted by the blockMesh structure.

I am guessing that I made a meshing mistake with the refinement parameters, as I have used paraview for other postprocessing before and never discoverd this problem.

Here is also a screenshot of the final mesh in simscale:

And a zoom in:

Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem?

Thank you very much!


Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome project with us @sholz!

@CFD-SQUAD & @1318980 (Darren), do you have an idea what the issue here might be? In my opinion the domain size could be increased and some adaptions regarding the mesh need to be done - convergence plot look not too promising at first glance.

Could also be a display setting issue that I cannot see from the picture you have provided us with so I would have to test it myself later on.