Wind simulation on a prism structure building

Hi! I am currently working on a simulation using incompressible and conducting the simulation for all four wind directions. Although I have encountered an error wherein there is a problem with my meshing. I am completely unsure to what is wrong. Can i please ask for assistance?

Hi @emislang

Your current simulation is diverging because of poor/bad mesh quality. If you look at some of the mesh quality metrics under “Meshing log” you will notice that the maximum value of a lot of metrics is way above the recommended range. I would highly recommend you improve your mesh quality by refining your mesh.

Here are some references on mesh quality

Furthermore, the house in your CAD geometry has thin regions, and meshing thin regions can increase the mesh cell count, and if these features are not captured properly, then it can lead to poor mesh quality. Therefore I would also recommend, if possible, simplifying your CAD model, and avoiding unnecessary features.
I also notice that the cylindrical rods at the bottom are intersecting at their connecting point and the CAD does not look good there. So this also needs to be improved.

I would also like to link the below page for your reference, as it shows common CAD issues with some examples.

I hope this helps.
Best regards,