Wind Deflectors for Lahaina Relief Housing

Hello My friends, I am in Hawaii and am working with Sails to Shelter and Hawaii Off Grid to use donated sailcloth to create shelters, and sun and wind barriers. The location of the project is subject to lots of wind. Having the ability to model the effect of perimeter barriers of differing shape and size on the inhabitants during varied wind speeds and directions would be wonderful. I can create CAD drawings of the proposed sail geometry, and we can probably create a 3d model of the Village.
I have not run a simulation here before so need some hand holding.
Tom Hitchcock

Hi there,
Thank you for posting on the forum!
It seems like you are interested in Pedestrian Wind Comfort. The Pedestrian Wind Comfort (PWC) analysis type is used to assess the effects of building’s external aerodynamics on pedestrians which typically returns a comfort map in an exported environment representing the activities that can be done and where.

Once you have your CAD model ready, you can contact us again.

In the meantime, I think the tutorials can be a good starting off point.

Please note, Pedestrian Wind Comfort, LBM and Subsonic analysis are only available to SimScale professional accounts:

In case you want to perform wind simulations of a district, Incompressible simulation type can still be used which is available to community and academic users of SimScale:

In public projects library, you can find such simulations performed with Incompressible solver:

Thanks for the suggestions. I have perused some of the suggestions and some others.
I am hoping to keep this simple, I have simple STL files for the prototypes and can manipulate them.
I mainly need to see how various shaped vanes will effect ground level air flow downstream.
I don’t need buildings or topography in the model as the original project is a playground.

Hello @Loveoption9,

If you are looking at how the vanes affect the downstream air velocity perhaps you can work off of the Aerodynamics Simulation of Flow Around a Vehicle Tutorial.

In your case, you would use the geometry of the vane instead of the vehicle from the tutorial. Also you would not use the moving wall boundary conditions in the tutorial and would instead use standard walls.

Perhaps you have already considered this, but hopefully you found it useful!