Why "Edge is not allowed" and "Node is not allowed"?

Is it not possible to apply boundary conditions on the nodes / edges?

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What kind of analysis are you performing, and what is the boundary condition you wish to apply?

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I’m doing a static non-linear analysis on a single body.

I am trying to constrain the body using the Fixed Value boundary condition on nodes only, but I am only allowed to select faces and volumes. In the Fixed Value dialog box it says you can assign nodes and edges, but the Select Node and Select Edge buttons are greyed out. What’s the reason for this?

I’ve tried several times to solve this but keep getting “The solution matrix is singular”, hence why I am trying to play around with the boundary condition settings. Here is the project link, if you could please shed some light on what may be wrong: [Deleted by author]



Just adding some insights: both node and edge selections are only supported for imported meshes (.med format is the common one for FEA cases).

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