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Where in the world are you?


SimScale users are spread all over the world, let’s see if we are reaching all corners…should be interesting! Share your location and Google maps link :smile:

I’m at the SimScale office in Munich, Germany

A Collection of SimScale Resources

I am at home in Bellheim, Germany

Studying in Karlsruhe, Germany


@jousefm, Nice! I’ve never been to Karlsruhe and it’s not so far from Munich (3 hours!)


@AnnaFless You should definitely visit Karlsruhe , it is a beautiful city. If one of you guys is in Karlsruhe let me know and I will show you the city :slight_smile:


Definitely! Thanks for the invite @jousefm.

Only Germany so far :smirk:, any one else want to share?


I am at home, in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Santa Marta!


I’m in Ballarat Australia.


@ggiraldo - right on the coast, wow I’m jealous :wink: + Austrailia @BenLewis. That’s 3 continents we’ve got covered - this is a good geography lesson!


@AnnaFless I’m At Tijuana, México - my home is your home :grinning:


I am in Boise, Idaho USA.


@mlarreta, very nice!

@cjquijano - the capital of Idaho! Still remember that one from 3rd grade :smile:


I am in Sydney Australia.


I am in Boston, MA. All the webinars happen at a great time for Eastern time (right before lunch).


Here is number two from Australia.
Ormond, VIC 3204, Australia


I’m from Pécs, Hungary
not too exotic, but nice place to have some cloud-based simulations. :smiley:


Moved to Munich from: The black forest!


You really lived on the tip of he mountain or down in Todtnau? It’s nice there but it can be cold with a lot of snow in winter.


If you are in Karlsruhe you should visit Freiburg as well. Is only 1 hour to the south. Karlsruhe is nice but I like Freiburg more :smirk: My home town.


Thanks for the advice @sburger. I will try to visit Freiburg after my exam phase :slight_smile:


I am from Wroclaw. Just an hour of flight from Munich.