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Where in the world are you?


Awesome to see so many different places!


I’m also in the Boston area!


Hi there,
I’m from South of Italy, Palermo



Awesome, thanks for sharing @fastwayjim and @l_trefiletti!


Hey guys, given the current news regarding Munich, I hope you are ok and things get a little more peaceful soon. Best wishes.


Hi @oscarcorripio - thanks for thinking of us. We are all doing well despite the sad situation


Hello I am in Bangkok Thailand… the city of Angels!


I am at home in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Great! Adding more counties to the list @kolutimehin and @atanas_kuzev :slight_smile:


At home in Mexico City


surprisingly, I am the first to post from the UK. Located in Southampton, the city where the Titanic sailed from


Nice @antonimmo and @mananthakkar87! Didn’t know that fun fact about the Titanic


Right now in my office

Originally from Islamabad, Pakistan


hi to all,i am from cuttack,odisha,india


Centennial, Colorado, USA


Hi all, I’m in Madrid, Spain.
Surprised to discover that I’m the first Spaniard posting here! :slight_smile:


Greetings to all of You!
I’m in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. :slight_smile:


Greetings to all!
I’m in Santa Maria, Brazil

Best regards!



I am from Dordrecht, The Netherlands (That small country next to Germany).



Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.


But I am also often in Bandung.