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Hello everyone! My name is Andrei and I am a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student at The University of Sheffield. I am heard about SimScale from a friend which is doing his PhD in aerodynamics. As I have similar interests, I have decided to do some more research into SimScale and found out that it is a really amazing platform!

I am currently working on the aerodynamic design of a surveillance UAV as part of a group project. This project is part of a core module in my degree.

I am looking forward to interacting with other SimScale users and learn from their experience. Having a particular interest in aerodynamics and CFD, I am interested in learning from others about these topics and draw lessons from their experience.


Hi everyone. I’m Karam, I work as research assistant At University of Khartoum/Sudan,Now I’m Master student at University of Delle Marche/Italy , also I’m working with a team for SAE Formula competition . I’m very glad to be with a great community like you.


Thank you for providing this platform for open source project use. I am working for Local Motors on projects to design and manufacture vehicles using large scale additive manufacturing. The development of simulation tools for this application is of interest, specifically input of printer G-code and orthotropic properties of materials. The co-creation community that we participate in could be an ideal use case for the cloud-based service as it would enable a higher level of technical content to be communicated. By providing a pubIic project I see it as an excellent opportunity to educate as well as recruit quality members who provide valuable input. I hope that being able to view and modify analyses directly, it may motivate them to contribute to a design effort with increased rigor.


Hello guys
I am kumar from India. I’ve completed my master’s in manufacturing engineering this year and currently looking for a job. I am confused what to do next like i am looking for manufacturing jobs and no one is accepting a fresher but only the experienced. How can it be possible to have experience if no one is ready to take a fresher.
Please reply guys…


Hello there!

My name is Vivien and I am a 1rd year mechanical engineer student from Germany. I am looking forward to interacting with other SimScale users and hope to learn a lot.


Hello Everybody,

It looks that this is the place one like to be - right along with many experienced people.
My interest is a water and air and the interface between them as well.
The vehicles I am exploring are floating on the water and are driven by the wind.
I can provide many answers about how it can work, however, sometimes it looks very difficult or impossible.
One of such problem is that the CFD simulations I have been in contact with are not supporting objects which like to change the shape during simulation.
I do understand well that we are still a long way from simulating everything but a progress will always open unexplored areas of the world of fluids around solids…

Back to the problem I like to get a help with:

I got a design of a variable shape wing. This wing can change its AoA, thickness, camber and twist within seconds.
This also means that the flow around such wing and especially the laminar part can be influenced by manipulating the wing shape.
The goal will be to improve the aerodynamics of the wing and better understand this kind of wings in general.
Right now I do not have any answers what might work but the is all about - exploring…
So the question is: do you know if this kind of simulation is possible within Simscale?

If you like to get some feeling about the wing in action it can be observed on youtube:

Best Regards


Hello everyone!

My name is Piyush Saurabh. I am from India and have been working for an MNC as an Automotive Test Engineer for 4 years now. I studied Mechanical Engineering as my graduation course.My work includes FE evaluation for Diesel Engines on Chassis Dynamometer and design of experiments for NVH performance evaluation in Trucks. I would like to get a hands on experience in CFD using the simscale platform and understand the utility of the same in my area of work.

In free time, I like to Sing and Record Music and Long distance biking along the countryside.

Hope there will be lot to learn from guys here!



Welcome @aroibu1, @krmleo, @chill, @chowdary, @vivien, @WaBe, and @piyush_saurabh :slight_smile: Glad to have you all joining us in the SimScale community. Looking forward to learning from eachother!


My name is Vaibhav and i’m from India pursuing Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
I have joined this forum because i need some suggestions and advice from senior Mechanical Engineers.
I want to go abroad for further studies, and i would like to know which country/university is the best.
And also i love cars and customizing them, so somebody please help me in choosing a stream for Post Graduate Program that is apt.
Thank you!


Thanks, proud to be here


I’m sudheer from India pursuing the bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. I need a some suggestions that what courses should be done after graduation. let me know what to doooo???
so that i can get a job in MNC’s & higher companies fastly
thank you!


I’m Tania. I’m currently pursuing a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Techno India University, West Bengal. I’m in the 3rd year now. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

My name is Rafaela and I’m a Aerospace Engineering at UFABC/Brazil.
My interest in SimScale is to learn more about CFD Simulation and apply this knowledge in my research (CFD Codes).



Hello All ,

Mechanical /Materials engineer and experimenting on Machine design.

All of you have a Nice day …


Welcome @sudheerpapana, @alamtania, @rafaelarodrigu, and @sghanta! It’s great to have you here!


Hello, my name Sutiyo, i’m from Indonesia. i still focus study in CFD for hight speed craft.

Nice to meet you guys


Welcome to SimScale @sutiyo!

Enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:


Hello, My name is Arpit, I am an owner of a lab centrifuge manufacturer company. We do not only design lab centrifuge but also manufacturer all types of research laboratory equipments. Since my childhood I wanted to become a businessman therefore after completing my MBA, I started working on my family business. Where I worked almost for 5 years and then set up my own manufacturer company. It has been 3 years to open this company and I have more than 30 employees in my company. Though I am the owner of the company but I believe that my employees are the pillars of my company.


Hi everyone,

I am Andrea from Italy and I am a plant designer using Inventor and Revit MEP since one year. I am a fresher in the use of SIMSCALE and I found it very handy to manage. I will try to focus on thermal simulations using SIMSCALE and got familiar with it. It is very amazing that now simulation platforms will migrate on the Internet because this means a saving in the use of standalone resources.

See you soon guys



My name is Don Blanchet. I am a retired Aerospace engineer. I do consulting work primarily in linear dynamics FEA and shock and vibration testing. I was a very early adopter of CAE tools starting in the 1970’s. I also have extensive experience in CFD for conjugate heat transfer for electronics cooling. I have used many of the commercial tools. Simscale appears to offer a chance to handle assignments at a modest cost without expensive licensing. I hope to be able to contribute to public projects and share some of my experiences. A lot of my work is not controlled by NDA.

Looking forward to joining the group :slight_smile: regards