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I am mechanical designer. Works in medical devices, electronic packaging, industry, etc.
Works 10 years with SolidWorks.
Wants to make stress analysis, and CFD / Heat transfer analysis.


Great to have you joining us @pradeep_jag, @mdas, and @daniel11!


hii .My name is Malik . I am a mechanical engineering student in haramaya university which is located in E


Hi, I am a consulting engineer working mainly in the materials handling industry designing plant for handling bulk materials for industries as diverse as power generation to pharmaceuticals. Much of my work is focussed on design efficiency, design automation, and product development.
I have been using FEA tools which are embedded in CAD tools such as Inventor and Solidworks, and for some tasks these are adequate, for many others they are not. I’m giving SimScale a try in the hope that the tool provides me a scalable solution for more involved analysis when I need it without commiting to the cost of upfront installed software.
I have recently set up my own business, and no longer have the ability to call on a wider team, so I am having to learn some of the skills I need directly. FEA is one of those.
My initial project is to look at the strength of a steel intermediate bulk container (IBC) when tumbled in a IBC blender. The IBC holds loose bulk granuals which moves position in the IBC as it is rotated. I need to know whether the construction of the IBC is adequate under the changing load. Right now I have no idea whether or not this is possible, but I will give a go. I may need to ask for some help, and quite possibly ask a number of seemingly dumb questions. The tutorials have been helpful getting to grips with the basics and I will now search the library of public projects for inspiration.
I look forward to being part of your community. Peter


Welcome Peter (@gatehouseDesign), thanks for the nice introduction! Don’t hesitate to post any questions you are having - we’re always happy to jump in and help :slight_smile:



Hi There,

My name is Cyprien Rusu, I am a CAE engineer and blogger at
I am writing articles about FEA and creating video webinars to introduce FEA analysis to beginners.
I have been as technical marketing and sales manager for another FEA software called midas NFX for 4 years and hald in South Korea.
Now I am located in Beijing China, searching for some new opportunity.



Nice to see a good old friend of mine here on SimScale! :wink:

Welcome Cyprien!


HI all,
My name is Bruce Pogosaew I do 3d stuff mostly for fun. I have tried many many programs and thought I would take one of my 3d models and put it in a testing enviroment to see the outcome. I make my own RC wings and with the newest one I am designing was trying to see if the airfoil was going to have enough lift… This is an awesome looking program. However I think I have hit a wall so to speak - for the life of me everything I try it ends up not working in the simulation. One day i’ll figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Bruce (@deadlypope),

If you keep running into troubles, feel free to post your question in the #project-support category and I’m sure someone will be able to jump in and help you out!



Hi friends
My name is TEJOLATHADAS and i am working as the assistant professor in the engineering college in INDIA. And i have teached the students about the ansys and catia,and now i used to no more from u.
i think i can get more knowledge from u friends.
thank u all


Greetings all!

My name is Mislav Bošnjak and I’m a 18 y/o mechanical engineering student (just started) from Croatia. I’ve always been passionate about F1 from the technical side. Vehicular aerodynamics (CFD) and CAD (advanced knowledge in Catia, SW) is what brings happiness to me and my greatest wish/goal is to work one day for a F1 team as an aerodynamicist (will do my best). Since the first day I discovered more about vehicular aerodynamics; I knew what I wanted to do in future. In my free time I design and develop my own prototypes. The most recent is my own front wing component for a F1 car which; hopefully one day will be tested in SimScale. Also, I joined the Formula Student group on my college (FSB racing team) a month ago. This is the main reason I ended up here on SimScale over the webinars; to gain as much knowledge possible in my occupational area.
Very grateful to be here.

Have a great day!

Mislav Bošnjak


Welcome @tejolathadas - it’s great to have you joining the SimScale Community!


Hi Mislav (@mislavbosnjak),

Thanks for the nice introduction! I’m very impressed by your work - I hope you enjoy the Formula student workshop :slight_smile:



Hello everyone,

I am Jaydeep, I work for ABB as a researcher in power grids. My core interest and expertise is in thermo-mechanical simulations. I look forward to utilizing GUI based tools from simscale for our work at ABB. It looks like a great addition to the CFD community, it seems very interesting and hopefully I will be able to develop something cool out of it!

Keep up the good work!


Hi @jdeshpande,

Sounds like interesting work! Great to have you in the SimScale community :slight_smile:


my name is Hossam, I am from Algeria I am studing design and production mechanical engineering, I joined this forum to increase my knowledge on mechanical engineering, nice to meet you all :smile:.


Hello, I’m Linda, and I’ve just joined today.

I’m a semi-retired chemical engineer and physical chemist (PhDs in both). I found your community by accident - I’m so thrilled! - while looking for documentation on another program to help a student. It’s something new for me to learn, and I’m looking forward to digging in.

My personal areas of interest lie in materials: surface science and catalysis, micro-kinetics, molecular design and modification, nanocrystalline materials, microkinetics, and single crystal/powder crystallography (XRD, ND).

I’m able to study topics ‘just because’ now, and I’ve always been curious about CAE programs - I didn’t use these kinds of codes when I was working full time and never looked at structure, strain and stress in anything bigger than a fatty molecule. I can study these things for myself now, and I’m looking forward to interacting with you all :slight_smile:

Cheers, Linda


Hey guys!

My name is Guilherme, and I’m a Aerospace Engineering student at UFSM/Brazil.
I’m a member of the FSAE team of the University, Formula UFSM, being the reason I’ve entered the community.
Hope to learn a lot here!

Best regards,



I’m Aravind. I’m from India. I’m a pre-final year undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering. Here to learn simulations and to employ the methodologies on a project I’m working on. It is very encouraging to see a diverse and highly talented community here.
Hope to be an active part of the community.


@lmansker, @gmorandini, @rookie111 welcome to the SimScale community. We’re really excited to have you here!