Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)

Hi @hriswan and welcome to the SimScale forum! if you have questions, this is the place to be :smile:

I see you’re working on a drone aerodynamics project, are you taking the course on Udemy?

yes miss…
now i’m try to solving exercise 2

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[quote=“agata, post:1, topic:38”]
Your name and where are you from?
My name is Lion and I am from Colombia
What are your expectations from this forum? What would you like to learn?
I hope find many people with whom I can of discuss solutions of industrial processes. For example heating of thermal solar fluids.

Fun fact about you
I am an independent researcher, “Colombian Archimedes”

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@lupeguir - great to have you here! Hope to learn more on the subject of industrial processes from you!

Hi there!

My name is Jurrien and I currently work as an engineer in the railway industry. Based on a challenging assignment I got from work I realized it would be good to fresh up a bit and try to further improve my FEA skills :slight_smile: I’ve quickly done the first tutorial and I’m impressed about SimScale! It’s really easy to use and I’m impressed about the extensive amount of example projects to learn from.

Looking forward to meet you and share experiences!


Hi @jvarkevisser ,

Great to have you here - you joined at a perfect time as @jousefm is doing a series of FEA posts (see: Part 1 and Part 2). Might help you brush up on things :smile:

See you around!

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Hello All

My name is David and I am a mechanical engineer at a small RF test and measurement equipment design company. My plan is to use Simscale to simulate our conduction cooled machined aluminum boxes.

I have some experience with FEA but this is my first experience with thermal simulation.

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Hi @AnnaFless and all,
My name is Raden. Currently, I am developing new skills in FEA and CFD, to be applied in ship-related design that associated with my educational background.
I am really grateful to find SimScale as a simulation platform and excited to learn from the experts. I believe that SimScale is a perfect place to learn, share, collaborate and simulate the design.


Hi @radenpm9, glad that you have joined the SimScale Community! Your background brings to mind a collaborative ship project going on right now, maybe you’d be interested to join in.

You can check it out here: Powerboat trim angle study


Hi @AnnaFless,
thank you for your information, that would be great. I will check it.



Hi everybody,

My name is Mahdi and I’m from Iran. I have just graduated in mechanical engineering (B.A.). One of my interests is CFD and I love to learn everything in numerical methods.
I hope I could learn and share here.

yours :wink:


@MMME - a very warm welcome to our forum, happy to have you here :smile:

If you’re interested in CFD, here’s a few topics you might enjoy:

PERRINN F1 project
Powerboat study
The Magnus Effect Part 1: Simulation Tutorial :soccer:


Hello everyone,

I am an engineer in the automotive industry currently looking into multiphase flows. I love to be able to test out different cases here in an efficient way. Sharing public projects is a smart idea to give people a head start on new simulation possibilities. :+1:


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Thanks for the nice introduction @matupy!

Hey Up!
Hello everyone.
This is Sergio, a Spaniard who works as Design Engineer for industrial refrigeration industry.
My main field is Solid Mechanics, but now rocking Fluids, which is exciting and a great challenge.

I hope to learn a lot from the expertise on this field of you all, and help as much as I can, taking into account my limited knowledge.

In my spare time I follow F1 as many of you do, try to discover new and amazing places around me or far away and I will do any sport which gives a boost of adrenaline.
I am also always learning new stuff, anything that catches my eye, regardless the discipline.

Many thanks for stopping by and see you on the forum!

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Hi Sergio (@kzacck) and welcome! Great to hear you are taking on a new challenge with CFD.:+1:

As an F1 follower you might enjoy our Workshop: F1 Workshop - SimScale CAE Forum. Definitely some good CFD tutorials there.


hi all,

My name is Manan and I am currently doing a PhD in CFD from the University of Southampton, UK. I’ve been in the field of CFD since many years now, having experience in commercial (Fluent, STAR-CCM+) and open source (OpenFOAM) software.

In my opinion, CFD is a really exciting field and with browser based simulation, it became even more exciting and accessible! I think the SimScale platform is a wonderful idea and I have just begun exploring its possibilities.

I do have a question actually. It may not be relevant in this topic but if SimScale staff could direct me to the right page, that would be really helpful:
I understand that currently creating topological entities manually is the only way to do so. When I am creating topological entities in a geometry with many faces, is there a way to know if I have missed a face? I have read a few topics on the forum about requests for being able to create topological entities automatically. I guess my question is kind-of related to something similar. I think it would be nice if SimScale could read part information for geometries imported from other software so that conveniently dividing the model into parts would be easier.

Kind regards,

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What I do is hide the entities as I create them; this way, if there’s any unassigned face it will stand on screen.

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If all of the faces come from a single solid you can use this method: 'importTest' simulation project by akosior - #11 by dheiny

For mesh TES I look for the selected faces in the list on the right side of the viewer and check whether all of the faces created from this solid are selected (faces are named after solid).

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hi @pfernandez, thanks for that suggestion. Yes it is a valid and useful method, but still time consuming.