Vorticity and Wall Shear Stress

Does simscale has any option to provide values of vorticity and wall shear stress?

Am trying to simulate CFD for a Stirred Tank Reactor with Multiphase flow. Link in mention below

So to calculate Power required for agitation i need to find torque which cam be optained from vorticity and wall shear stress.

Hi omzavare,

Just some links that may assist;

Availability of reporting for Multiphase

Thank You for the assitance.

But the Vorticity and Wall Shear Stress both are not available for multiphase simulation.
Is there any other way to find them?
Please let me as soon as possible.

Hi omzavare,
I see that both Vorticity & Wall shear stress are only available together in the compressible simulation.
Maybe there is a work around to provide these parameters, so hopefully Simscale @ggiraldof or @SBlock may be able to provide commentary.

Hello omzavare,

what I would suggest you in this regard is to use ParaView for the post-processing.

With ParaView you can define your own field functions based on the results provided. Therefore you should be able to create scenes for vorticity and WSS.

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So @SBlock, time to introduce (plenty more) functionObjects in SimScale?? cheers.

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