Vehicle simulation set up

@tsite I tried Parasolid and got pretty far, can you check, if this is set up correctly? I just need to make the wheel a rotation wall and then I’m done and can simulate right?

Hi, I am happy to see that the CAD import issue is resolved with the Parasolid format :slight_smile: I had a look:

  1. The airflow travels towards the positive y direction, so set the Ux to 0, and the Uy to 20 m/se. Check the orientation cube to have an overview of the directions.
  2. Same goes for the Moving wall bc
  3. You can calculate the rotational velocity for a wheel using this : ω = U/r, whereas U is the linear velocity (20 m/sec) and r the radius of the wheel.

Make sure to check this tutorial for more information and tips: Aerodynamic Flow Behavior Around a Vehicle Tutorial | SimScale

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