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Using Onshape and SimScale for product design

I watched a video ( about using Onshape and SimScale, but I didn’t understand how to transfer 3D model from Onshape directly to SimScale /without additional downloading to my hard disk and upload to SimScale/. Is there such a way?
Thanks in advance!

It’s my understanding that Simscale is a partner with Onshape and in the future there should be a more direct link between the two. However, as of right now you still need to save and download your Onshape model as a Step file (prefered format) and then upload it back into Simscale.

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@cjquijano is exactly right. We are busy building a faster and more powerful interoperability solution but for the time being the STEP download and upload is the way of choice. Would you be interested in beta testing the upcoming way? We’ll be doing beta testing soon.

@dheiny, I would be interested in beta testing your upcoming improved integration with Onshape… as well as your improved post processor. :slight_smile: I am switching all of my work to a Chromebook so these two improvements will help my workflow a lot.


an engineering software stack on a Chromebook - very nice :smile:!

So the Onshape beta testing will be sooner than later (we don’t disclose any details yet). I’ll approach you via pm with more details soon. The new post-processor infrastructure might still take some time until we’re ready for beta testing, but I already noted your name on the tester list!

Looking forward to hear your opinion!

@poseidon1966 Bringing this thread full circle - the SimScale connector app for Onshape was introduced last month making it simple to directly import models from Onshape. Here’s how it works:

  1. From your SimScale dashboard click on “New Project” and create a project without uploading a CAD file (remember to include a title and a description).

  2. Once you are in the workbench, you will see an option to either “Upload CAD/mesh” or to “Import” it.

  3. Click on the “Import” button and choose “Import from Onshape” to open the SimScale Connector App.

  4. After you authorize the app, you will be able to see all your Onshape existing models. Import the model or part you want to analyze with SimScale by selecting it and clicking on the import button.


the app is authorized however I only get the “onboarding” screen whenever I try to import anything.
When I select a plan i get back to the dashboard in the popup …
Any ideas?

Seeing the same thing. Just the start-up screen.

@nrothman and @p01c - this is indeed odd. I have just uploaded an Onshape model so it does not seem to be happening for all users. Could you try logging out of Simscale and logging back in and trying again to see if this changes anything? Let me know if this issue persists.

Or use a different web browser.

It started working today, I also do not get the “unboarding” message every time I log into SS.

@p01c, ok glad to hear that is now working. With this “unboarding” message, what exactly does it say - could you make a screenshot?

Already took a screenshot, its in my first post (22h ago).
Every time I logged on, I got a prompt to chose a pricing plan, going for the 2 Week trail did not help either.
The same thing happend whenever i tried to import something from onshape. I got redirected to the pricing plan, with the …/onboarding url

My best guess is, the selection for my plan did not get synchronized wit the db, but since I do not know your environment, it is just my best guess :wink:

@p01c, Ah I see what you’re saying now!

Could it be a cache issue? maybe clearing browser cache and cookies data could help?

Hi @AnnaFless… I have recently started using SimScale and Onshape for my simulations… The files imported directly from Onshape are in the STEP file format, but it is only possible to edit the geometries of those files in the STL format… Any ideas how this could be made more convenient?

Hi @raahul_pu,

you could try using Salome if you are open to a new solution besides OnShape.

You can find the download options here: Salome Downloads

Let me know what you think.



Hi @jousefm,
thank you for your suggestion. I have so far used Catia just to convert the file formats, but I shall look into Salome and get back to you.

Hi again @raahul_pu,

just a quick question regarding your issue. Was your intention to edit your geometry directly on our platform?

Quick hint: Files are imported into SimScale standardly as STEP. You do not need an extra tool for the export let alone the modification(s).

Just give us a short feedback of what you want to achieve in a step-by-step manner to make things easier to understand and avoid communication problems.

All the best,