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Uploading Model and Defining Boundary Conditions

Hi All,

My problem isn’t actually a proper error during uploading.But my problem matches a bit with this topic.

I am trying to perform a FEA on a MEMS Micro-gripper by loading it and considering the loading effect analogous to a cantilever beam.The known condition is the deflection required.All values in micrometers.
The geometry has a symmetry and it has 3 rollers at the base which i have to give as roller support.But when i upload it to Simscale,it shows ‘Edge with invalid Vertices found’.Any solution to this?It isn’t showing the extruded( 2 micrometers) part.
The roller radius is 3 micrometers.
Any solution to this? I have attached the images.

Hi @nsetty!

How did you define the Rollers? It seems that they are defined improperly and are somehow connected to the rear face of your geometry. Did you model the holes by creating a solid and then extruding 3 holes? If not then try this approach and see if that changes the issue.

Our PowerUser @BenLewis posted an excellent answer about short edges here: Split Periodic Faces - maybe this can solve the problem.

Can you test it and get back to me? Maybe the other @power_users have a nice tip for you here.



Hi @jousefm
Initiall,a study was conducted where an electric input was given which resulted in deflection of the gripper.So the rollers were provided to constraint the deflection in the horizontal direction only.Yes,it is connected to the rear face of the geometry.
I created the rollers by first drawing a sketch and extruding it to 2 micrometers.

Yes,i’all try their advice

Hi @nsetty!

Did you manage to fix the issue so far? Maybe some of the @PowerUsers_FEA can give you tips on how to improve the geometry to avoid such issues in the future.