Error in Uploading a file

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I have tried uploading IGS, STP files extracted from ETABs 2013 into simscale for modelling. However, I’m always facing the issue of uploading the file since always a message pops out stating:

Error, Your file could not be processed successfully. Please check the file format and try again.

Can anybody help me please?

Anas Cherkaoui

Hi @anas,

is it a confidential file? If not, then it would be great if you link it here for download for me to look into. If it’s confidential, please do open a support ticket (see the button in the lower right “Report an issue”) and let the support team know, They will approach you directly to look into your file.



Hi @dheiny

I will send it to you through email now.



Hi @dheiny.

I have the same problem. The piece was generated on onShape. I copy link to the piece Thanks for the help.

Any news on the upload @cnordio?

Having a look at it at the moment.

Update: Works perfectly fine via the import option. By the way: If you are trying to perform a CFD analysis make sure that your geometry is watertight meaning that you close the inlets/outlets.



Problem solved I dont know how. Thanks.

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