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Truck - Aerodynamic analysis & exhaust gases propagation


Dear SimScalers,

in this weeks spotlight we will have a look at fluid dynamcs simulation taking into account passive scalar transport of a truck by our PowerUser @varsey .


The project represents the CFD simulation of a driving truck with exhaust gases coming out its exhaust pipe (CFD + Scalar Transport modelling). The CAD model of the truck has been simplified with the program SALOME.

Courtesy: Aerodynamics of a Semi-truck trailer vehicle project


Format: IGES

Original Model:

Modified Model:

truck aerodynamics cad model


Type: Hex-Dominant Parametric

The geometry was meshed using hex-dominant parametric mesh with refinements. The mesh is shown in figure below.

Nodes: 2377645
1D elements (edges): 0
2D elements (faces): 6172019
3D elements (volumes): 1909492


Type: Passive Scalar Transport

Simulations Details


Start time value [s]: 0
End time value [s]: 1500
Time step length [s]: 1
Number of computing cores: 4



SimScale project:

To look at the simulation setup, please have a look at the project from @varsey :

Truck - Passive Scalar Transport Simulation

To copy this project into your workspace, simply follow the instruction given in the picture below.

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