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Trouble viewing surface stream lines

Hi there,

I’m having trouble viewing the outputs of my simulation. I am using the incompressible CFD software. All I can see is the enclosure, I can not see how my model actually behaves. How do I view the outputs without the enclosure? Perhaps I am doing something wrong with setting up my simulation.

I would really appreciate your help.

Kind regards,
Kegomoditswe (Struggling final year engineering student)

Can you share the project link with us here in the thread? :slight_smile: Will help you out then!



Here’s the link:


I had a look at your project and the boundary conditions look unusual to me. For instance, the velocity inlet is being applied in a direction tangent to the side wall:

Could you tell us a little more about this application? Maybe we can propose more fitting BCs afterward.

I’ll also post some links which will probably be useful:


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I followed the tutorial and tried running the simulation again. However, I am running into the same problem. I changed the boundary conditions as suggested and followed the tutorial step by step.

Application: I am trying to determine the forces, bending moment, and stresses acting on the model in that at high speeds.

Here is the link to the new simulation: