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Switch from Perspective View to Parallel/Orthogonal/etc

Is it possible to turn off perspective view? From an engineering standpoint I rarely fine this view style adds value and frequently makes interacting with the model more difficult. I found the topic below from 2015, which mentions a possible feature enhancement. Is parallel view style possible or close to implementation?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible yet, but they are working on it. - We are all waiting for this feature impatiently.

Hi @pwengineering,

as @Maciek said, parallel projection is on the short-term development road map but not yet released. So not yet possible but will be available soon. I’ll keep you posted!



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Hello @pwengineering,

This feature has been released some months ago and is even the default perspective since the last release.

If you have additional feedback for our viewer, we are happy to hear about it.

Best Alex


Is this feature also present in the post-processor tab ? I can’t find it …
Thanks in advance !

Hi @AchillesDesign!

This option is not inside the post-processor anymore but will be added again if the demand of our users is here. For that please add your query/wishes to this section: Vote For Features Category.

Another option is to simply download the results and use the offline version of Paraview.

Cheers and thanks a lot!