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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 3


Hey @gmorandini it’s just matter of naming, the most important thing is to have clear names to make sure that you will apply the boundary conditions on the right part.


@mpayer Please try to run you simulation again and it should be fine.


@Akrem I just tried it and i still have the problem and the same Error


i tried to setting 15000 sec, but the simulation still gives me error…could you control my project please?



I have a problem with my post processing results, after following all the steps my results have came up like in this image:

I would like to know which steps should I follow to correct this problem please, here is a link to my project:

Best regards.


Hello, i have some issues with my simulation.
I have followed the step by step guide and before i create the simulation run i checked the simulation which is ok.
The simulation starts and after 9 minutes it stops with an error.

Can someone help?
This is my project:


What shall I do if my core hours do not reach out for the final homework. I guess this homework will take lots of core hours. I got about 2300 left… thank you. :slight_smile:



if you have set up your mesh and simulation by yourself and you just need the simulation you can contact me and I will run the job for you so you can save some core hours.




Thank you I’m waiting for the mesh to finish and listen to the webinar now :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you the link in a message. Do I need to do anything else so that you have access on my project?


here is the share link to my project.


@Akrem @jousefm @Milad_Mafi

Hi guys,

I am close to run up the simulation, however I was wondering if you can specify what would be the ideal end time interval [Simulation Control], and how many intervals would be right to use (so far it is 1000)? In terms of the intervals, I was thinking about change it to 6K. It is something that we did the last HW.

I am trying to prevent the waste of core hours in a bad simulation.



Hi @afuente

There is definitely no need for more then 2000 iterations Everything else would be a waste of core hours. There is no strict rule for the ideal iteration (not time) interval. This depends on mesh size, quality and numerical settings. Here we can use certain convergence criteria like residuals or forces.



this is the results after following the tutorial for the homework 2, the streamline is different with the example. any idea where it could be wrong??

this is my project link Project 3

Thank you in advance!


please help! I am a little confused .why are we using X and Y component of velocity on the floor . shouldn’t that be applied to only the air inlet if the car is moving straight and not turning?
Thanks in advance


i have a problem with my simulation run due to a numerical instability. I double checked it with the step by step tutorial, but coud not finde the mistake.
Can someone please help me?

Link to the project ->


can you give an advice, where I can find information how to calculate the numeric settings? For example, how do you decide your specific turbulence dissipation rate, turbulent kinetic energy and relaxation factors.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Hema,

We will provide you soon with a spreadsheet which calculates turbulent properties and layer settings.



I got the same Problem :frowning:

2016-12-20 12:34 Job was prepared successfully.
2016-12-20 12:57 The machine ran out of memory. Please choose a larger machine for computation. More info
2016-12-20 12:57 Run finished.

If you know a Solution @jousefm pls help me

I think I found the solution, I didn’t read that there were settings given for the simulation control, I changed it now to the given values and ht the magical 30 min simulation run target :stuck_out_tongue:


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