Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 3


Thanks @rahulsharma_94, i have already created the registration on the website and still not worked. Then i try a new registration with different email address and finally the confirmation email arrive!:smile: I think there was a problem with my @gmail email address.


the inprogram registration with gmail does not work but over the website all fine


I can’t seem to get the meshing operation to work. Is it because I’ve gone too far with the wing customisation, and the geometry is self-intersecting ? Link :

Thank you in advance


We have to “run” the geometry operation!!! The scaling is a single process :wink:


If it’s me you were answering to, I’ve ran the operation twice, and it failed twice.


… okay…


Hi @ameunier

I think its because the _basemeshbox, materialpoint and cartesian box coordinates are the same as the previous homework. So you need to adjust that. And may be by mistake you didn’t select solid_0 in the surface refinement section and other parts in layers_wing section. I hope this might help.


Hi @Milad_Mafi! first of all, I haven’t reiceived the reminder email of the workshop nor the homework, so I thought that there was some sort of problem (two days ago, I sent you a email). But yesterday I entered simscale and I saw the homework was there.

Second, I was triying to modify the geometry in caeses software but the rear wing looked like this

Then, after I modified the rear wing, I saved it as STL (Multibody) but when I opened it in simscale, there was a problem since the file was saved as an empty file

I would like to know if i can have more time to finish since I haven’t reiceived the reminder and I had problems with simscale and caeses software.

Please answer me soon. Thanks!


Everytime my mesh crashes when I want to make a layer addition…have someone a idea?


Hi @Milad_Mafi ,

I am still having trouble while simulating the rear wing after importing from Caeses. Every time it shows maximum execution time exceeded. What should I do? Here’s the project link and the screenshot


Here there are few pictures of my simulations


I tried to meshing two different geometries but i received every time the same message saying “the machine ran out of memory” and the meshing process crashed, so I can’t proceed. I used the same parameters setted for the original geometry assigned that worked fine fot it.

edit: changing refinement levels from 8 to 9 in edge refinement fixed the problem!


Hi @cnapole, the same saved empty file error occurred to me when i saved a file with the same name of a previous saved file, rename the file when saving fixed the problem for me.


Hi @debroy84863568, I have just checked your account status, and the rest computing quota should be enough for running workshop assignments. Here is a forum post about the message of exceeding computational quota. Hope this helps!


Until now i tested all :wink:
the original caeses model (nothing changed) causes a an error in meshing… what can i do? have someone a working model for me? ^^


So, I have a major problem: I cannot even get into the Caeses program!
I have downloaded it, registered and gotten the message that I will receive a verification-email. BUT I haven’t. I have tried with 3 different emails over the past 5 days, and it registers my email but I never get any verification email and thus I cannot even enter the program to do the homework.

Furthermore I cannot change the email for the login, so I cannot even borrow someone else’s.
What do I do?



Very nice work!

I have changed the form since it was confusing.

Please submit total drag and total lift for 40m/s, 60m/s and 80m/s.




Dear Nadia,

That sounds really weird. Did you already check your spam folder?





meshing of the initial mode worked for me. Are you sure that you used the latex model (we changed it several days ago).




Hi @sijia, thanks for help. And yes, that forum post helped me all. I now got to know what’s going wrong with my simulation.