Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 3


@Milad_Mafi I have now managed to sort out all the issues and now have a set of solutions

Will the link for submitting the results be posted somewhere?


Thank you very much. We have updated the model.

To submit your work please use this form:


Hi! Guys… I am having trouble while performing meshing operation. Can someone look into it and tell me what I am doing wrong. Screenshot of the error message is below.


i don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I get the same messages but the mesh is still useable.
The log in your photo shows the run finished, have you tried to run set up the simulation?


@debroy84863568 here is a screenshot of mine:

Project is here:


@debroy84863568 I have had a look at your project and it looks like you have all the same messages I got. If you let the meshing process carry on it should finish with a mesh that you can use.
Here’s another screenshot from mine showing the message ‘mesh quality check failed’ I left it running and the mesh was succesful. These are not error messages, only warnings


@aedwards thanks a lot for your help… i will try to do what you suggested… i hope that will work…


I followed the steps to create the mesh selecting my geometry and creating all the refinements e.t.c. The model meshed for 1 minute, and when I inspect the meshed result, there is no front wing in the middle, all I see is a big cube, with some mesh refinement where the frontwing should be. Can someone please help?



@Namby I think your problem is to do with the coordinates of the _BaseMeshBox. If you use the coordinates from the last homework then your model will be outside the meshing area.
Try changing them and look to see if you geometry is in the shaded area.


Hello guys… My simulation got stuck around at 93% and showed an error message. I have uploaded the screenshot below. Help needed!!! What to do?


@Milad_Mafi I am getting a message which says free quota exceeded. what should I do?


Hi @debroy84863568

It seems that you run out of your quota. My colleagues will upgrade your account on Monday.




Can someone create a caeses model for me!? Because cases is not running on my pc…
Thanks a lot!


Hi @Milad_Mafi

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate the fast reply. My account now shows 100% quota left.I hope it will work fine now. :smiley:


Finally got something, results are fascinating. However the post processing is really slow.

@Milad_Mafi, Can you explain the submission thing, one says lift at particular speeds, and another columns says just force, what does it mean?? What force? Do you want “Lift” for original rear wing vs modified rear wing, or just x and z components of the same rear wing?


Hi, I have a problem with the account activation for Caeses free. Yesterday I have installed it and followed the registration steps, but at the end hasn’t arrived the confirmation email to activate my account, so when i run the program it shows a message saying that my account is blocked or not activated yet. Does anyone has the same problem?


@adonninelli Yup, had the same problem, go to this page and create account from there, then get the confirmation email. Try logging in again.

If still doesn’t work(didn’t work for me straight away after that.), go to Start and look for CAESES (reset license selection), run it and try again. I had to do this at least 3 times.



Thanks :wink:


oh, you had the same problem as well?!


Yeah… i was so frustrateted :smile: i tested it several times, it does not work. so i believed it depends on me :sweat_smile:

edit: now it works :triumph: