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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


sir, i am not able to select the available model mesh in domain


Hi @jousefm

here’s my project link

Meshing operation for 6deg model showing error.


the simulation run is marked as queued for at least one hour…is that common?


sir i am not able to select the available mesh at domain option


Hey @jocon ,

depends on the traffic as @ahmedhussain18 wrote some posts before. They are also running for over 1 hour in my case. If your jobs do not finish or if an error occurs let me know. I will fix your project.




Hi @tdangi,

can you post a picture of your problem or a link to your project so that I can have a look at it?

Thank you!



and there is no problem if runtime is marked as 0 min? (after more than one hour queued)


@jocon: The server seem to be overwhelmed with work. Keep me up to date if there is still no change in 2-3 hours.

Sometimes we have to be patient :slight_smile:


if the mesh operation is not complete you may seem to have this problem for simulation afterwards


Hi @debroy84863568,

I am checking your project and trying to mesh it myself. I will let you know if I manged to make it work :slight_smile:



Yes i’ve the some problem, i’m waiting for an hour


Hi @cocco,

just be patient. It will probably take some time. I also started a meshing operation and it is queued for half an hour now. Check it later or tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Good luck!



Jousef if we sign out of simscale or close the computer could we find the operations finished when we sign up again or should it be open and singed in until it’s done?


@jocon: SimScale will do the job for you! :wink: So you can shut down your computer and wait for tomorrow. Simple as that :slight_smile:


@jousefm please go through my project. I crosschecked my project twice with given values. Please help me to figure out whats with my project.
project link



I submitted the homework a few days ago. I wondered if we get some kind of message for passing the homework. Does anyone know?



@npotabatti Thanks for your link. I cannot open your project somehow. Might be some server issues. I will try it again tomorrow and let you know what you did wrong :slight_smile:




@PhilippB94 After submitting all four homework assignments you will receive an email by @Milad_Mafi saying that your assignments have been accepted.

Cheers! :slight_smile:



5 from the 8 mesh generations resulted to error after some hours , and three are still queued for computation .

Does that mean i have to remake them tomorrow ? I tried several times but the same .


Hi @AlexanderKon,

I will have a look at that in a few hours (post your project link here please). Try again and counter-check all your settings. You have to do those operations again. If you do so please try one meshing operation first and if you succeed, fine. If not I will have a look at your project and try to mesh the rest for you.