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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1


Okay, perfect! Thanks!


Cant find any progress even after 30mins into Operation 1 meshing. Can any one help? (i’m using a pretty good internet connection)


Can somebody help me to understand the error I am getting. Please find attached picture


Though I chose faces in surface mesh refinement , this error is poping up!
Please help me with this


Hi @npotabatti,

did you counter-check your settings? I will start the simulations tomorrow morning myself to see if there is any inconvenience.

If you still cannot manage to make it work I will look into your project.

Enjoy your weekend!



Hi @mashko_Or,

did it work so far? Or do you have still problems with your meshing operation?


I will try that once i reach home. Sorry for late reply.


Yeah I cross checked those mesh refinements! Can you just go through my project?
Thanking you for support!


Sir, i have redone the meshes by selecting faces as you had stated.But the problem still seems to persist.I keep getting the error at 6deg simulation

Just to be sure I even setup the simulation from scratch.Here is a snapshot of the solver log before termination.


I am having a problem while performing the meshing operation for the 6degree model. Every time it got stuck with the same error. I performed the meshing operation from scratch also, still getting nothing but the same error. Help guys…


My simulation stopped at 450 iterations and i got the email that it was completed even though i set it for 1500 also none of the force plots were there.Please help


Hi @npotabatti,

make sure you post the public link for your project here so everybody can have access to it. I will check that. Probably wrong values for k and omega which may lead to numerical instabilities.




Hi @debroy84863568 & @sikkasehdev ,

make sure to post your project link here so that I can have a look at it. I will check that for you.




I wanted to know following. We are creating prismlayers on the street in order to calculate the boundary layer. My question is, would it not be better to make the street a moving wall in order to save soma elements and use them somewhere else?


approximately how much time will it take for my account to get converted from professional account to a public account. Also I had started the simulation and then received the ‘run may cross your quota’ error so will it affect the simulation as in will i have to redo the simulation again?


My project link is mentioned below, Can anyone please tell me why the iterations stop at 450 every time even though they are set for 1500,is it some glitch?


Hi @sikkasehdev,

please counter-check your mesh settings. Your region with small elements is way too big thus drastically increasing computation time.

Adapt your settings and rerun your simulation. It should work then.

P.S.: Please give your mesh regions meaningful names not just “Mesh Refinement X”.




Hi @bmaitra,

did you already read the post by @ahmedhussain18?

If you already sent an Email you will probably have to wait a bit.

Also consider the post from @AnnaFless : Exceeding computational quota




Hello will the homework completes if we finishned meshing and simulation part,and viewing post processing results of 2,3 different angles ?


I started all 8 mesh generations, with small in-between time and for 3 hours I had no result. I started just one and proceeds well. Any insight why that happened?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: